It is a well known fact that the habit of reading makes some impact in everyone’s life. Reading books is an important stage in the process of rehabilitation. Almost every successful entrepreneurs out there has the habit of reading. Most successful entrepreneurs like Elon Musk,Bill Gates,Steve Jobs,Warren Buffett,Mark Zuckerberg,Jeff Bezos,Jack Ma etc have some book as their favourite one which changed their life. The book “The Hitchhiker’s Guide-written by Douglas Adams” had a huge impact in Elon musk’s life and inspired him to start the company called “Space X” which creates history by accomplishing unimaginable tasks. Likewise a good book can divert you from the wrong way and take you to a beautiful destination.

After months of research we have compiled a list of book which every aspiring entrepreneurs should read. We are damn sure that after you read all of these books,you will know the fundamental basics of entrepreneurship and you will be ready to start a company.

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#1 Think and grow rich -by Napoleon Hill:

This is one of the famous books related to entrepreneurship. Prof.Napoleon Hill has written this book in such a way that the information given on this book will obviously make anyone to take action and achieve something.In this book the author repeatedly states a point that this book contains a secret which the reader may find out even in the first page or last page. Obviously it is a very important secret of success. You may ask us what is it,but many readers say that the book contains not only one secret but it contains a lot. The secret you find in this book depends on your talent, mentality and lifestyle. All over the book you may find various real life examples and stories where people execute the secret and achieved what they wanted. This book is a real treasure. Everyone who wants to become an entrepreneur must read this book and know that secret. It motivates people to achieve almost everything by providing the secret. You may have some desires in life, if you want to know how to achieve it, this book is for you.

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#2 Beyond entrepreneurship -by James.C.Collins:

Beyond entrepreneurship is one of the books is where you learn basic fundamentals of becoming an enduring successful entrepreneur. This book is packed up with 5 elements which are 1. Leadership style, 2. Vision, 3. Strategy ,4. Innovation , 5. Tactical excellence. Obviously these are the things one should master in order to become an entrepreneur. The author has flooded with various examples about companies like Nike, Hewlett Packard (H.P), Walmart, FedEx etc. It is one good motivational book,especially for entrepreneurs.

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#3 The Lean Startup- by Eric Ries:

The lean Startup is obviously for aspiring entrepreneurs. It show the exact ways to change your passion into an enduring business. Many entrepreneurs and authors around the world recommend this book to people who really want to start a business.This book contains information about how developed nations efficiently used human intelligence for their growth. This book also shows how to practicalize the ideas to change your passion into profitable business. If you really want to start a business but don’t know how? This book contains the answer.

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#4 Blink-by Malcolm Gladwell:

Blink is the best book to learn the art of decision making. The author Prof.Malcolm Gladwell describes his content “Thin-slicing” which means the ability make decisions with narrow range of experience in a limited period of time. The teaches you How your intuition works? and How most people have made best decision in crucial moments?. Decision making is the most important skills which an entrepreneur should possess. This book is a complete guide for it. The book contains various example related to science,art,sports,sales,marketing,etc. Most of the successful entrepreneurs have this book in their book shelves. We recommend you to read this book if you want to master the art of decision making.

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#5 Zero to One -by Peter Theil:

Zero to one shows you the way to build your business from 0 to 1. It is actually meant for start-up entrepreneurs. It gives complete details about the procedures to be carried on to start a business. The book also explains how companies work and the characteristics of monopolies. And it also lets you know how to make your company into a monopoly. This book is very helpful for aspiring entrepreneurs to know the strategies and tactics for maintaining a business. The book explains how does companies which were monopolies once failed later. This book helps us to understand the corporate world.

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