Xiaomi has launched a new product on its Redmi series called as Redmi Y2(Redmi S2). It is said to be the best budget smartphone so far. Let’s take a look at specs and know the truth.

Well, Redmi Y2 holds 2 variants 3 GB RAM with 32GB internal storage and 4GB RAM with 64GB internal storage. It comes in 3 colours which are Elegant Gold, Rose Gold and Dark Grey.

It is the first smartphone which has dual rear facing camera at the price of 9,999(In India) for 3GB RAM variant and 12,999(In India) for 4 GB RAM. The overall design almost looks same like the Redmi Note 5 pro. The phone comes with latest MIUI 10 which is noticeable fact. This is the first Xiaomi phone coming with MIUI 10 out of the box.

It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 CPU running at 2Ghz speed and Adreno 506 GPU for graphical performance.

There is huge dilemma among people whether to buy this smartphone or not. So we have listed out 5 reasons to buy and 5 reasons to not to buy this phone .

5 Reasons to buy this phone:

#1 Camera:

As we mentioned earlier this is the first smartphone which has dual rear facing camera(12MP+5MP) at the price of 9,999(In India for 3GB RAM) and Y2 now can take Portrait shots (At Bokeh mode) and also Automatic HDR, Panaroma, etc. Xiaomi claims that now the all new Redmi Y2 has some A.I features built into it. Which helps us like when we open camera app, it can automatically detect the objects and customize saturation and white balance level by itself.

The front facing camera performs pretty decent with 16MP selfie shooter along with a flash. A.I selfie portrait is a great feature which provides depth-in-field in selfies too. The camera has Electronic Image Stabilization(EIS) which helps user to capture videos without any shakings.

#2 Storage:

It can manage multi-tasking pretty well with 3GB RAM supporting 32GB ROM(Internal storage) and 4GB RAM with 64GB internal storage which is good compared to other smartphones in this price range. It also gives the option to expand the storage upto 256GB which is a cool feature.

#3 Face Unlock:

A.I also helps in unlocking your phone, yes you ‘re right Y2 has Face unlock. It is one of the best features of this device. Face Unlock is the most easiest way of unlocking the device. A phone with this feature at such low price is mind blowing.

#4 Bezel-less display:

Redmi Y2 is also appreciated for providing Bezel-less screen in this price range. The screen size is 5.99 inch (15.2 cm) at ratio of 18:9.It is an eye-catching feature which attracts many people to buy this phone.

Xiaomi maintains its goodwill by adapting such new trends in the smartphone market and making it at an affordable price.

#5 Supports FM radio:

Yes, Redmi Y2 supports FM Radio. It has an in-built hardware for the user to experience the good old FM Radio. Actually this is an amazing and essential feature which even flagships miss to provide now-a-days.

5 Reasons NOT to buy Redmi Y2:

#1 No Screen Protection:

Redmi Y2 comes with normal IPS LCD along with normal glass protection. There is no protection like Corning Gorilla Glass. It is huge disadvantage of the phone. No one can take care of their phone all the time. At some point they will drop the phone unexpectedly. In such cases, if the mobile screen shatters and may even create some touch issues. This costs a lot to fix.

Even if the user attach a tempered glass, it is of no use if the screen is fragile. Xiaomi could have considered placing Corning Gorilla Glass V.3 like they already did on Mi A1.

#2 No Full HD display:

Another reason not to buy Redmi Y2 is, it does not have Full HD display. It has 269 ppi (pixels-per-inch) which is worse to watch a high quality movie or video. Even the gaming experience is not going to be good. You can’t experience VR headsets in this,even though it supports.

#3 No fast charge:

Unlike other smartphone, the Redmi Y2 doesn’t have fast charging option. It has become a mandatory thing for a mobile phone to have a fast charging facility these days. The phone requires much time to get fully charged while other smartphones do it in less than an hour.

#4 Old chipset:

Xiaomi still uses the 2 year old chipset, the Snapdragon 625. SoC market have gone far faraway from it. But still Xiaomi decided to stick on with 625. Let us demand reason for that from Xiaomi.

#5 Average battery capacity:

Redmi Y2 comes with battery capacity 3080mah which is considerably ok, but other smartphones in this price range comes with 4000mah battery. Without fast charging option, using a phone with 3000mah battery power will take us back to the pavilion when we used to plug and wait for 3 hours to get fully charged. This is going to create a huge inconvenience to the users. Definitely this is not the phone for heavy users.

Overall the product attracts customers by its look, but it is not sure that everyone buy this by knowing what are the inner specifications does the phone have. Most people buy this phone by having a thought that it is cheap and best, but no one knows what’s inside. Even though with the spec that we have listed above, we peakfetchers still recommended phone to the beginner, intensive users who want to experience the new and have a trand phone.

So far Xiaomi’s Redmi series have been selling like hotcakes, but this phone will create a backlash in the speed progress of the company. But we should admit a fact that Xiaomi has been produced and are producing flagship killers and best smartphones in the industry but smartphone like this may affect the name among the people who knows what’s best. Will you buy this?

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