Huawei just made the announcement of its new flagship called Huawei Mate 20 Pro. It has got all the flagship features like glass body design, In-Display fingerprint scanner and a notch.

Things get changed when it comes to wireless charging in this phone.
Wirelessly charging means more need to plug any cable. A wireless charging pad is used and the phone is just kept on it.
Wireless charging is being around for a couple of years with some flagships. Samsung started it pretty earlier and then apple started following it since iPhone X.
Currently, Samsung has the fast wireless charging phone called Samsung galaxy note 9 and thier own fast wireless charging pad.

What’s so special

Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro announced 2 major things when it comes to wireless charging.

#1. Fastest wireless charging

Huawei announced Mate 20 Pro with fastest wireless charging ever.

Huawei claims that the Mate 20 Pro is capable of charging wirelessly at 15W.

It’s the first 15W wireless charging technology. It’s the most powerful and faster than every wired charging.

Huawei claims that the fast wireless charging needs a special charging pad from Huawei.

Normal wireless charging pad can also be used to charge the device at low speed.

As it is smarter, it continually monetizes the phone temperature and controls the charging speed.

It is safe, fast, wireless and Smart.

#2. Reversible wireless charging.

Here comes the actual highlight of this smartphone itself.

This phone can be used as a wireless charging pad for charging other phones.

With the quick charging standard support, you can charge any current flagship which has wireless charging support.

For example, phones like Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Google pixel 3 & pixel 3 XL can be charged using Huawei mate 20 Pro.

Enable wireless charging for other phones using Huawei mate 20 Pro.

Then you just need to bring two phones together and to charge wireless.

Huawei says that mate 20 Pro can only charge other phones at a slower speed even though it has the support for fast wireless charging.

This smartphone has many interesting features like curved 2K display, Triple camera setup, hardware-based face unlock and it is the first Android phone to have a 7nm processor and so on. So wait for the full review on Peakfetchers.

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