Adobe has revealed Project Rush lately on Vidcon this year. Today they released their revolutionary All-in-one video editing software Adobe Premiere Rush CC, on their creative cloud series. You may wonder why I am saying revolutionary? Continue reading to know why.

Most of the YouTubers and videographers using two major video editing software. One is Final Cut Pro which is available only for Mac OS and Adobe Premiere Pro which is available for both Windows and Mac. Well, most of the pro video editors use Adobe After Effects along with Premiere Pro. Some even use additional like Adobe Audition too.

The new Adobe Premiere Rush is a combination of all these. Just think how good it is going to be. It is like a dream come true for most of the online content creators like us.

Cross platform capability:

Adobe Premiere Rush CC

The Premiere Rush is now available for Windows and iOS. They say that you can import source files from one device (which can either be a PC or iPhone) and edit & export from other.

This is really mind-blowing, right?

This helps the editors or users easily edit from almost anywhere at any time. So many days there was an unspoken frustration on editing videos with so many procedures included but now all those things are not going to exist anymore. The Rush will also be available for Android Q4 of 2019 which is by the end of next year.

The most appreciable feature of this software is that it can also include motion graphics in the video. Usually, this is done with the help of after effect which takes months to learn and it is considered one of the most complicated software amongst the editing platform. The new Premiere Rush is going to be the simplest software in the platform it seems.

Is the new Premiere Rush going to be the perfect competition for Final Cut Pro?

As I said earlier, the Rush is a combination of various Adobe High-end software like Premiere Pro, After Effects, Animator and Auditions. Adobe Premiere Rush also uses Adobe Sensei which is an AI-based editing tool to clear out impurities on the content. It works with the help of machine learning. So all these features combined into one whole software makes it better than final cut Pro.

It is clear that, this new Premiere Rush can edit videos as well as create contents like logo reveal, motion graphics and more. Where all these can be done with Premiere Pro and After Effects separately before. The Final Cut also can do these things at once. So this new Adobe Premiere Rush CC may be a perfect competition for Final Cut Pro.


Adobe Premiere Rush is available on the official Adobe website and also on the Apple App store. It is priced at ₹1,353/month for individuals in India just like all other Adobe software out there. Soon there’ll be an in-depth review of this new software stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter and it’s free?.

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