Looks like Google has mistakenly rolled out the Android 11 update to some pixel devices. This wasn’t supposed to happen until June 3 when the Android 11 Beta was supposed to be revealed. The rollout looks like a mistake from one of the biggest companies in the world. 

The news was tweeted out by an XDA author named Mishaal Rahman claiming two people DM’d him about the update rollout in their Pixel Devices. The update build is RPB1.200504.018 as shown in the image below. All this is claimed by Rahman as he leaks on the other news about what else you get in the new update. 


Even after postponing the event of the developer preview, the rollout was done without any information to the users or other testers in the market. It’s still unclear whether the users of the update are running on the official software or one of the developer previews. 

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There are some significant changes in the new build as expected earlier about the Android 11. One of them being the new icon shape overlays available including ‘Pebble’, ‘Vessel’, and ‘Tapered Rect’. Giving you normal boring icons a new look and feel, you can check the designs on the thread below.

Pixel launcher suggestion icons can now be controlled in your settings. You have the option to disable and a few other tweaks available on this thread. Rahman has provided us with the animation as to how this will work along with the suggestion it displays of changing the icons. 

Another noticeable feature found in the leaked Android 11 build is the media player in the quick settings which was found in the DP 1 build of the Android 11 device. 

Along with this, you get a few other options in the power menu as mentioned in the tweet. You can manage the cards, passes, and control features individually through the new power menu. 

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One of the expected scrolling features that came out is not working in the build as posted by Rahmaan. Since Google has said nothing about the rolled out build, we can expect their reply anytime soon. If you’re looking for an in detail view about everything, no one can give you now because this is just a leaked render from one of the users.

The XDA Author is updating the users as soon as he’s getting the information. Here’s a link to his twitter handle so you can have a quick look at all the details about the Android 11 build leaked out. 

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