Android 11

Google has released a new set of Android 11 features as a Developer Preview. Android gets better on every new version which makes android users’ experience seamless and comfortable.

Right after the logo change, Google has also renamed the Android version from sweet treat names to numbers as it was harder to come up with a new name every year and also the limitation of just 26 possibilities. Android 10 had received a great response from the android community and general tech enthusiasts as well.

Now it is time for Android 11. This new Android version is still in beta program in the name of Android 10(Q). Google, as a part of its tradition, has started revealing sneak peeks about the features of the next Android OS. This Android 11 Developer Preview can be experienced by all the pixel users who have enrolled their phones for beta testing.

In this third wave of revealing the features of Android 11, Google has included five new major features of the next operating system. 

1. Undo closed applications in the task manager:

 It is one of the frustrating moments when you accidentally close Instagram while closing other ongoing apps in the task manager, reopen Instagram, and find out that the post you were looking at has vanished. Or accidentally close Youtube in the same way and lose the video you were watching which took an hour for you to find out.

Gone are those days with the new update. Google has finally listened to all of us and enabled an undo option which you can do by swiping right to immediately bring back the app you closed by mistake.

2. Clear on-going notification:

Everyone must have encountered this problem of having that one annoying notification of an on-going app, on the notification tab which never gets cleared no matter what you do. Finally, there is an option in the new android version where you can force clear those notifications and keep your notification tab clean and tidy.

Notifications that are clear this way will directly go into the task manager where you can access anytime you want.

3. Gesture Sensitivity

Many of us might have had a hard time getting used to the “swipe from the side” gesture to go back from an app. Some of us might even ignore it and choose the good old “Swipe up from left corner” gesture. But now Google has given an option to control the sensitivity of that gesture. Where you can manually set how sensitive it should be.

4. Multi-Tasking:

Every phone has a unique way to capture a screenshot. Some have the option to long-press the volume key and unlock button together and other phones have three-finger swipes from the bottom, from the top, from the side, some freaking direction, etc. Now Google has provided a common option on the multitasking panel to capture screenshots of the selected app.

5. Screen-shot interface:

Google has also improved the screenshot interface which pops up once a screenshot has been taken. There are 3 options now Share, Edit and Extend the screenshot. We need not Google “how to take screenshots in that particular new phone”, anymore.

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Image Credits: XDA-Developers


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