Back When Apple Watch Fall Detection was introduced, the application didn’t seem much noticeable but according to this new incident, Apple Watch might be worth investing. 

According to the Apple website, starting from Apple Watch 4, the smartwatches can detect a hard fall from the surface. Although this feature can be toggled, you’re never sure when it comes in handy. After sensing the hard fall, it taps and alarms the users to ask if there’s any case of emergency and if there’s a need to call an emergency number or it was just a mistake. The user can decide accordingly if they need the use of the service. 


Here comes the most interesting part, if the user doesn’t reply within a minute, the Apple Watch Fall Detection Feature will automatically call the emergency contacts and your personal contacts to inform them you’re in danger. This seemed like a dream for everyone until it happened in a real incident in Chandler. 

According to the news report by KTAR News, it was on April 23 the Chandler Police Department received an automated call through an Apple Watch. The AI not only called the emergency services but also gave them the exact latitude and longitude of the device. This helped the police reach the user and provide him the medical help they needed. 

Upon reaching the location, the officers found out that the man had no idea anyone was coming to help him out and that his smartwatch has done the work for him. Dispatch supervisor Adriana Cacciola said, “He would never have been able to provide us his location or any information on what was going on”.

There an audio clip from the police depart where the watch called 911 and told them about the emergency the user had and that immediate medical response was required. 

This is the kind of technology which should evolve in the market that can help the users in time of emergency when they cannot say or do anything themselves. This could’ve been a catastrophic scene if the Apple Watch Fall Detection didn’t save the person’s life. You can check the Apple website as to how Fall Detection works or how you can enable or disable it. If this feature is turned on every time, this can drain a lot of your battery but I don’t think your battery is more important than your life.

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