Apple’s most powerful smartest have finally arrived. This has ton of new features and lot of upgrades from the previous year series 3 watch. The new generation apple watch comes with an bigger display and lesser a besel. It’s over 30% body to screen ratio compared with previous generation.

Now you can measure ECG (electrocardiogram)

Apple made headlines when they announced Apple watch series 4 now can able to take ECG reading.

How Accurate it is?

A report revealed that the watch is more than 98% accurate at detecting AFib. A recent report suggests that it will display blood pressure reading as easy for iPhone or Apple watch, by using Apple’s 3D Touch or Force Touch technology.

LTE version

You also get a LTE version of it. Which uses e-SIM technology. So that you can make calls and use internet. This also helps you to have your smae mobile number in watch as well as in your iphone.

Apple watch highlights

The traditional blood pressure measuring needs an arm cuff, but with the finger tip how Apple could make it? The WSJ report says that there is a another method, using a fingerprint press. And that could be done with the help of Apple’s 3D Touch.

This health feature in Apple watch a great threat to traditional watch brands. No other band has this life saving feature in it. Most of the older people, who would be most interesting in health monitoring and they now have a best product to have in there hand.




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