There is a high possibility of ARK: Survival Evolved Being the next free game on Epic Games Store.

Epic Games Started a chain of weekly FREE “epic” game giveaways. Alongside, many other popular titles were available on a discounted price as part of the “Epic Mega Sale” starting from May 14th till the 11th of June.

Epic Games is gaining tremendous popularity since the last few weeks. All thanks to the FREE games the market store is giving away each week. The first game to go FREE on the website was GTA 5 which shook players all over the world and made them rush to the online market place. In fact, the rush was so huge, it crashed the Epic’s Servers keeping the servers problematic for almost two hours.

Epic Games is getting fairly impressive with their weekly freebie games. Some players say it has set up a “Benchmark” as to what a real game giveaway is! The Epic Giveaway started with Grand Theft Auto 5 going FREE on May 14, followed by Sid Meier’s Civilization 6, and Borderlands: The Handsome Duo being the latest giveaway.

FREE Giveaways seems to be the latest strategy of Epic Games to attract more players to its marketplace. It also resonates with the aggressive competition Epic Games is willing to put up with its competitors.

ARK: Survival Evolved to become FREE on Epic Games Store?

According to the rumors and leaks made on various sources, the events which followed till now, it is most likely that ARK: Survival Evolved is likely to be the next Freebie up to grab on Epic Games Store.

As stated in a Reddit post made by u/chandigarhian he leaked an image showing the 4 titles to be given away on Epic Games Store. As per the post, the four games were – GTA 5, Civilization 6, Borderlands: The Handsome Duo, and ARK Survival Evolved. Keeping in mind the current happenings and the first three leaks to be true, there are high chances that ARK: Survival Evolved will be the next FREE game on the Epic Games Store.

ARK: Survival Evolved will go FREE on June 4 and will be up for grabs till a week. Of course, it is all a speculation but keeping in mind the recent events, it can very well happen. Everybody loves FREE stuff right?

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