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Everyone at some point will end up searching for “Battery Saver” in Google Play store because of the annoying situation of excessive battery drain on your phone. 

Almost 80% of the apps which are listed for battery-saving apps in the Play Store have been confirmed to be inefficient and spammy. There is a fair chance for those apps to steal your information as well, as they will have to be an on-going app in the background to ‘pretend’ saving your phone’s battery consumption.

So for saving from these malicious apps, we have made a research about what’s the best way to monitor and control the battery consumption of your device. 

In order to eliminate the battery drain, first, you must know which causes it.

Reason for extensive or sudden battery drain:

  • The most common reason which takes a lot of power out of your phone battery is the multiple on-going apps in the background. Some apps consume more power than you expect. To know which apps consume how much power, you can check by going to the battery settings
  • Malicious apps: There are some apps out there that automatically be installed when you install APKs that you downloaded from an “Unknown Sources”. Many Android users have noticed a weird app being installed on their phones which has no name and transparent logo. You can find out whether such apps are on your phone by check the “Installed applications” tabs in your Setting. People usually find this app at the very bottom of the list. Still, it’s invisible, but if you click the empty space next to the last visible app, you can open the detail about the app. Immediately uninstall if you find that app.
  • Another common reason which causes the battery drain is keeping the Location and Bluetooth turned on. This usually happens to be a case when users connect Bluetooth devices like wireless headphones/earphones or using GPS for navigation. Apart from this, some apps require you to turn on the GPS to identify your location.  
  • Another situation where your phone battery drains very quickly is when you download a large file, especially when you download through torrent.

Tips to improve your battery performance:

  • Most people have this fidgeting habit of closing the app in the taskbar as soon as they are done with the app. This is one of the efficient methods to make your phone last longer.
  • Many people don’t switch off their Mobile Data and Wifi on their phone while going to bed or when it is not necessary. It is mainly because to get notifications from the app that requires the network to function. But switching them off is a pretty good way to retaining your battery from draining quickly.
  • Switching Adaptive Brightness is another way to slower your battery consumption. Our phone brightness is usually above the optimal level. Turning on Adaptive brightness will automatically adjust the brightness level based on the environment lighting. This would help a lot in battery saving, especially on the phones with AMOLED Panels.
  • When you really need to hold the battery, specifically below 15%, you can turn the Zen Mode on if your phone has the feature. It closes all the ongoing apps and lets you access just the important apps like Phone, Contacts, and Messages apps. You can even customize the app to have access to third-party apps that you think are essential.
  • Another efficient and simple way to save battery consumption in a phone with an LED display is to apply “Dark Mode” on your phone if the UI has an option for it. Even if you don’t have this feature on your phone, most phones automatically change the overall theme if you set an image as wallpaper with “Black color” as background. How it works is that the micro LED lights on the display get turned off in the places of black color which in turn leads to less battery consumption.

Doze Mode:

Just by following the above-mentioned tips, you can see a significant improvement in your phone’s battery life, but still, there is another feature on Android which Google introduced with Android Marshmallow OS called Doze Mode. 

Doze mode has become much better and easy to enable since its release. It’s nothing but the stock “Battery Saver” feature that comes with almost all the phones in the market. 

Usually, all phones get that notification when the battery drops to 15% which is turn on the “Battery Saver” mode. This feature is sufficient enough to optimize the battery performance of the phone, especially when it is low. 

It does a good job of closing all the on-going apps in the background, turning off the power-intensive features like Hotspot Tethering, Wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS. That pretty much covers all the tips we mentioned above. This mode even limits the phone brightness to some extent in order to retain the battery as much as possible.

Top 2 Third-party Battery Saver Apps:

As I said earlier, almost all the apps listed on Google Play Store as battery saver apps are nothing but useless apps. If anything they could do is to take even more power out of the battery in the name of “Reducing Battery Consumption”. 

So here are the two best apps that I found fine and working.


Naptime is an application developed by the developer called Francisco Franco just for the purpose of enabling Aggressive Doze mode. This app is available on Play Store for Free.

Naptime users need to have their phones rooted in order to access the features of the app. There’s a way for the non-rooted phones by giving a couple of ADB Commands through a PC as mentioned in the app. 

What Naptime does is Clear or Force stops all the background apps and lets the phone to go on the deep sleep stage. At this point, the battery consumption is very minimal to no battery consumption at all. 

Naptime puts the phone to aggressive Doze mode every time you lock the phone. It does prove to be efficient in reducing the battery consumption of the phone. The reviews on Play Store for this app are pretty convincing. 


Greenify is another battery saver app developed by Oasis Feng. This app has been downloaded in more than 10 million devices and has got great reviews by over 5 million users. 

Greenify is helpful in putting your phone or particular apps on your phone into hibernation mode. Hibernation mode is basically taking the phone or an app to the completely idle state so that battery consumption will be minimal.

You can find which apps are taking more power by checking the battery settings on your phone. You can list those apps in Greenify to put them on hibernation mode once you lock the phone. This proves to be a better solution for excessive battery consumption.

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