With technology advancing every day, people still feel the need of having an emulator with them because let’s be honest, not everyone has high-end PC or high-end smartphones for their basic day to day usage. With this in mind, we have for you, some of the best android emulators for 1GB RAM PC

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This list will help you decide and choose from different options out there which are trending in 2020 so that you don’t feel the need of buying an expensive smartphone if you’re on a budget. An emulator will do most of the smartphone required work for you on your PC. 

But again emulators can be demanding so here we have the best emulators for low-end PC’s so that you never face an issue while browsing the emulator in your system. You can make them do whatever you feel like. From gaming to browsing and testing your applications, anything you desire in an android is possible in the emulator. 

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What is an Emulator?

Keeping it simple, an Emulator is a Virtual Machine specifically made for creating an Android environment on your PC. Due to the lack of high-end devices, some people like to keep their Android data on desktops and use them accordingly. The emulator makes this possible for everyone and helps you in literally all the tasks on your PC. An Android Emulator can take care of messaging to your basic gaming needs where your smartphone might back out. 

But, there’s a catch. Emulators are not all easy and user-friendly. You need a good demanding system to run some of the most popular Emulators in the market. Here we have the best android emulators for 1GB RAM PC so that you can run them on any type of system out there. 

Let’s Begin. 

Best Android Emulators For 1GB RAM PC



This emulator is popular among mobile gamers in the market and specifically for Clash of Clans. Yes, the legendary mobile game which we used to spend hours on back in school. The emulator has been in the market for quite some time and there are thousands of people using it. It has many features that are capable of comparing it with the functions of a smartphone. 

Some of the basic features in the emulator are:

  • Mobile Remote – You can use your smartphone as a remote in the games similar to mirroring. We didn’t get to try this feature yet so we cannot say about the input delay which it might have considering its not an official emulator for any of the games. 
  • Latest Android Version – The emulator has the latest android version to make your work even easier. The latest android version supports all the app updates and features without any issues.
  • Controller Support – You have the liberty to use any controller being an Xbox or PS while playing games in the emulator. 
  • Developer Support – This is a premium feature and for getting support regarding some applications, you have a pay a fixed amount and get your required support for the emulator. 



This emulator was launched back in 2016 and has some good features compared to the other popular ones in the market. The official website is gone but it can still be downloaded by some of the most popular uploaders online. When this came out, this emulator was paid for $15. The users can use the trial for a month and they can use further by paying for the software. 

AMIDuOS is a very lightweight emulator that supports many functions and catches some of them from the PC itself. Features like the sensors in your device will be used in the emulator for proving your overall gaming experience. The emulator has 3D Acceleration enabled for gaming to make sure you don’t face any difficulty while gaming. The basic functions and features make this one of the best Android emulators for 1GB RAM PC.

The emulator also supports the camera and microphone from your device for the games that require the same. It supports all the apps in Android that you can use and works like a tablet for you with touch and gesture support. The emulator also features file transfer between windows and android along with providing you a virtual SD card for storage in the device which can be sized according to your desire. Since the official website does not exist anymore, we have no idea if the developers are still providing support for the consumers. 

Jar of Beans


As the name says, the emulator features Android Jellybean for the users. It is made precisely for the purpose of development and app testing. Created by an XDA Developer named unrealmanu, Android Developers can use this emulator on the go for anything they want to. One of the best things about the app is the users don’t need to install this emulator on their PC and its ready to use without any installation. 

With the support of Intel HAXM(Hardware Acceleration Execution Manager), this emulator is capable of doing many tasks with the best performance without any lag. Specific for low-end devices, the newbie developers can use this emulator and it will be perfect for testing their programs. 

Other features of the Emulator are:

  • External APK – You can easily install an app through the APK downloaded on your computer with the direct button provided in the emulator. 
  • Resolution – Users get a choice for a display to choose from the various options available out there. Auto switch to tablet mode is there when you select a resolution of 1280 x 768. 
  • SD Card – Users get an option to select their desired memory in the emulator which will be available for use by the apps. 


Credits: Softonic

Another emulator in the 1GB RAM lineup which is ideal for a laptop with low-end specs. There are two versions of YouWave. One being free and the other one is premium which gives you additional benefits like a higher Android version and Ad-free experience in the emulator. 

The only part where this emulator falls behind is the Android version. Maybe this is why the size is small but the emulator free version runs on Android 4.0 and the paid version runs Android Lollipop 5.1.1. This might be a setback for the users in 2020 but again if you want to try the emulator for fun while keeping the smoothness in mind, you’re good to go. Judging by the copyright banner on the website, it looks like you won’t get good developer support from the company but still, the free version is worth a try. 

Features offered:

  • Dynamic Rotation – Screen rotation in the emulator has a good response time and almost as accurate as an actual Android device. 
  • Multiplayer Games – The emulator supports online multiplayer games but we’re not sure how many of them would run smoothly on the outdated Android version. 
  • Prebuilt Apps – There are many apps available in the emulator for the users just out of the installation. To use popular apps, you need to browse the play store in the emulator.



This emulator is one of the best ones out there with premium developer support on the premium plans. Not only do they have a desktop version for running basic Android Emulators, but you can also choose from other services like custom Android emulators to test your apps on a customer server hosted on Genymotion. Another service they provide is virtual machines on other servers like AWS, GCP, Azure, and Alibaba. All these are chargeable and you can check the prices from the link below.

The desktop version is available in three licenses. The first one is free for individuals who are students and need the VM for testing. The other two are paid plans with the main difference in the developer support. The free version does not give you access to any support for the emulator. 

Features in the emulator are:

  • Cross-Platform – The emulator can be used across various platforms including Android, Mac, and Ubuntu. You have an option to test your app being any OS user you are. 
  • Hardware support – The emulator gives you access to all your PC hardware which includes all the sensors and touch options. 
  • Other – IMEI tracking can be done in the emulator as you can change instantly without rebooting your device. Other features like GApps are also included in the emulator.


Credits: 9to5Google

One of the newcomers in the market which prioritizes speed and smoothness over everything for the users. Leapdroid has very limited features when compared to other popular emulators in the market but there is a reason. The emulator can run most graphic demanding games smoothly on your PC without much requirement. All of the processing speed in the games make up for the lack of other features. 

Leapdroid was made specifically for gaming so that users can enjoy the popular titles in the market without any lag. While this might not be true 100%, we can achieve a good level of smoothness in the low-end devices for playing the demanding games. We have no idea about the developer support of the app but it won’t hurt to try it out. 



Another free emulator in the low-end series which can run all your application and mini-games like Clash of Clans, Subway Surfers, etc. We’re not sure about the graphic demanding games like PUBG Mobile which may or may not run properly in the emulator. 

The emulator has clean UI running on Android version 4.1.1 which might be outdated for some users. If you’re looking for an emulator for App Development and testing, this might disappoint you as you get a limited number of platforms to try your app on. 

Some of the features of the emulator are:

  • Screen Record – Users can record their emulator games or any other task they’re performing with a choice in the quality they can record in. All the recorded videos will have a Droid4X watermark. 
  • Multi-Platform – Droid4X is available for both Windows and Mac users. There is no release for Linux yet and we have no information regarding the same.
  • External APK – You can download APK on your PC and install it in the emulator to use it on your system. It’s available easily through a single click in the settings of the emulator.



LDPlayer is one of the premium emulators in the market. By premium, it doesn’t mean that it’s paid but it’s powerful. It stands apart from the rest of the low-end emulators for your PC in terms of the UI and the performance while browsing or gaming. The emulator is highlighted mostly for gaming and the specifications prove that. 

The emulator is available in two versions, one in Android 4.1 and the other being 7.1 which has the latest Android version from the ones listed above. 

Some of the features in the emulator are:

  • Game Optimization – All the games being high-end or low-end are optimized for a smooth and lag-free experience. While low-end PC users might face some issues while browsing, you can still get good output from the powerful emulator.
  • Multi-Window Support – You can enjoy more than 1 application at a time. You can play 2 games and browse two of your social media applications at the same time. This will maximize your work output in multiple games in the same amount of time.
  • Automation – Games that require the same processes to repeat can be set automatically through the provided script in the emulator. This makes everything easier for you as the script does most of your work in the game.



This emulator has one of the best UI in the market. You get full control over your games that require good graphic demanding Android devices including PUBG Mobile. You get various options and range for the games. MEmu supports tonnes of games that range from both high-end to low-end. The emulator has got many positive reviews from the users and some big sites and is thoroughly tested by us.

Another advantage over the other emulator is the Android version which is 7.1 Nougat supported by 64 bit. The latest version of MEmu is 7.2.2 which was released in July 2020. The developer support of MEmu is also good which can provide you a solution whenever you need it.

Features in the emulator:

  • Graphics – The emulator uses DirectX 3D and OpenGL to give high-quality graphics on your screens and give you immersive gaming experience. This feature is for games like PUBG Mobile and COD. 
  • Controls – The keyboard mapping is done accurately so that you do not miss any shot in FPS games which require good response time. Lag in the response can lead you to die in the game which can be irritating at a point.
  • Multi-Instance – You can run multiple accounts of a single game or multiple games at a single time on the emulator. This is possible because of the CPU and GPU optimization provided by the company. 



Nox is a popular brand in the market that gained a good user base when Pokemon GO was launched. The App has good spoofing options and you could move your player with the keyword in any location in the world. Currently, the emulator has many options that have been upgraded since the day it was launched. Now the emulator is more powerful than it used to be earlier. 

Playing low-end end games on 1GB RAM PC might not be an issue but high-end games will lag a lot. You can enjoy the 2D non-FPS games without any issues and along with some of the best features in the emulator. Apart from the emulator, Nox also provides other solutions like NoxCleaner or the NoxBrowser for Android and iOS.

Other features of the emulator are:

  • Android – Being a premium brand in the market, Nox has Android 7.1 which is capable of running demanding games. The emulator is also optimized to make sure the games run smoothly without causing any damage to your PC by putting extreme load. 
  • Keyboard Mapping – You can customize all the keyboard and mouse settings in a single click and the response time in the game is highly accurate. You can be assured the emulator has very low response time when it comes to FPS games like PUBG Mobile and COD.
  • Recording Scripts – MEmu can record what you’re doing and you can script it later to automate the particular task if required.



Being the oldest emulator among all, Blustacks had thousands of downloads in the initial days of its launch. The idea of emulators generated through blue stacks which later on became a huge success in the market. This is one of the most demanding emulators which require good graphics to run in the system. This is probably not a good option for low-end devices but it can still be used for other purposes for people who don’t have a high-end smartphone.

Since it is one of the most demanding emulators, the games are well optimized for avg systems and you can play graphic games without any lag. The emulator has lots of features including Moba Mode and whatnot.  

Other features of Bluestacks are:

  • Live Translation – Games from other countries can often be intimidating due to the lack of origin language. The emulator has live translation support which can help you understand any application or game while running by creating an overlay over the emulator. 
  • Script – You can create a script for running multiple things in the game in many instances to make your task less difficult. The sync is available in Real-Time to make sure you don’t have to repeat a process again and again.
  • Farm Mode- With this enabled, the games and emulator itself take less CPU and makes your system smoother for other activities while gaming. You will also see a sudden change in the game performance with Farm Mode.

Gameloop(Tencent Gaming Buddy)


This was saved for the last because it is dedicated to PUBG Mobile which might or might not run in 1GB RAM systems depending on your CPU. This game might be made for Android but the graphics in PC are a lot to take. The emulator won’t run on low-end desktops without tweaks. Even after the tweaks, the game will still lag on your system.

After the success of this emulator, Tencent released other games onto the platform for the users to enjoy other games that were made for Android. The company evolved with introducing more game and they re branded the emulator from Tencent Gaming Buddy to Gameloop.

The most noted feature in the emulator is the response time. With FPS games like PUBG Mobile, response time is an important deal to make sure you are faster than your enemies. This makes sure you’re a winner in the game and not facing any lags in response time from keyboard or mouse. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can BlueStacks run on 1gb RAM?

BlueStacks has a verification and requires a minimum of 2GB of RAM to run in your device. You can bypass it by tweaking some settings in the emulator as soon as it starts up. The same goes for the users having a non-graphic card device. 

Which is better NOX or BlueStacks?

Both have proven to be the best over time but our preference would go to BlueStacks as it is more reliable and fast for PCs with high-end specs. For users with low-spec systems, Nox would be the ideal option.

Does emulator slow the computer?

If your computer lacks RAM, yes you will face lag while doing other tasks in your system as high-end emulators in the market eat a lot of RAM which causes a system lag.

Which Android emulator is best for 4gb RAM?

You can easily use BlueStacks for 4GB RAM systems which will give you the best output and the best experience. You might face a little lag in gaming as most of the RAM would be used by the emulator itself.

Can I run BlueStacks on 2gb RAM?

Yes, you can but it would not be suitable as you would face huge lag in the emulator itself and leave no space for other tasks on your computer. You can try the other emulators from our list above. Many of them are ideally made for low-end PCs in the market.

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