Lost or broke your gaming mouse and confused about what to buy, we have the best budget gaming mouse (2020 edition) just for you. The best thing about it is it’s narrowed down to just 3 of them so there’s no hard time searching in the market and falling for a bad one. 

When it comes to gaming, a mouse can have a huge impact on your gameplay. Being a regular gamer myself I face a lot of difficulties playing without a gaming mouse. Up until recently I noticed some changes in my gameplay after I bought gaming and mouse which changed the way you play the game.

Why Gaming Mouse?

Why not? If you’re a rookie in the gaming field, you might not know it but a good mouse can definitely increase your skills. That might sound lame for some people but its actually true. A regular mouse lacks many things that a gaming mouse can do and that can help you achieve heights in the game. 


Benefits of a Gaming Mouse

Faster Tracking – The first and foremost, the tracking speed is way faster than the regular mouse you use which allows you to have a better reaction and movement time which can help you have an advantage over your enemies. 

High Dpi – The different modes of DPI in a mouse allows you to have different speeds for multiple tasks and games. Usually while gaming, the users prefer low dpi for better accuracy for FPS games. 

If you have never tried a gaming mouse and can’t decide what to choose from, these are the best budget gaming mouse in the market. Since with so much competition in the market right now, we have narrowed the list down to 3 variants. We will provide all the details about the mouse so you can decide what to buy for yourself.

Best Budget Gaming Mouse

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

One of the most popular gaming mice in our list is from the oldest pc component maker Logitech. The G402 fits perfectly in our budget gaming mouse list as it’s got everything you need for the best gaming experience. And the best thing about the mouse is, it fits in your budget perfectly. 

First of all the sensors of the mouse are a thing to be proud of. Instead of working on increasing the DPI of their mouse, Logitech has worked on improving their sensor this time. The sensor on the G402 is insanely fast giving the best accuracy while gaming. The mouse has got 8 fully programmable buttons according to your needs. The down part here is you cannot change the scroll wheel programming of the mouse.

Source: PureSolidness

The mouse has dedicated software for all the functions including changing the brightness of the logo. Unfortunately, there’s no RGB in the mouse but everything else kind of just makes up for it. Apart from all this one of the setbacks of the mouse if the weight which is 144gms including the non-braided cable. 


  • Insanely Fast Response Time
  • DPI on-the-fly switching
  • 8 Programmable Buttons
  • Value for Money


  • Little Heavy
  • Not a premium build

Price: 2342(Link)

Razer DeathAdder Essential

Razer is the biggest manufacturer in the gaming department with millions of satisfied customers. The products are known for long term usage and Deathadder Essential being one of them made it to our best budget gaming mouse list. 

The main selling point of the device is its design and durability. Some people say its made of plastic and won’t last long but again its upon preference. The design supports multiple hand structures and whether you have a big or small hand, it would fit perfectly. The design allows you to go into long hours of gaming experience without any problem. Being a Razer product, you can expect the mouse to go years without any issues. 


The mouse has a 6400 DPI sensor for fast and precision swipes. It has 5 programmable buttons which can be set according to your needs. The competition might have an edge over the features, but if you’re a fanboy looking fro another mouse in the DeathAdder series, this is definitely a must buy.


  • Sturdy Plastic Build
  • 6400 DPI
  • Braided Cable
  • Lightweight


  • No RGB
  • No Synapse Software

Price: 2599(Link)

Corsair M55 Gaming Mouse

This mouse is built for both hands. Yes, that’s the reason it made it to our budget gaming mouse list. That and RGB yeah. So the design of this mouse is pretty simple and elegant. Its got the side buttons on both right or left-handed people. There aren’t a lot of options available for people with left-handed mice and this just makes up for it.

Coming to the sensors, the adjustable 200-12,400 DPI sensors are good enough for extensive gaming including your FPS shooters or other requiring low movements. However one of the noticeable things about the powerful sensor was it’s just too powerful as even if you lift the mouse, it was still able to track a little about the surface of the mousepad.


The mouse can be tweaked with the given software from the company. The RGB logo on the mouse can be customized accordingly in the software. The weight of the mouse is just 85gm which is suitable for users who like a lightweight mouse for daily usage.


  • Designed For Everyone
  • 12,400 DPI
  • RGB
  • Low-Latency Clicks


  • Sensitivity not constant
  • Spongy Clicks

Price: $29.99(Link)

You can get them for as low as 2200 on some days. We will update our links for the best prices that are in the market right now. 

The Best One?

On a final note, if you’re looking for the best budget gaming mouse of this price range in 2020, you should definitely consider all of them. My personal favorite would be the Logitech G402 because it gives you everything you need at less price than the others. If looks or RGB doesn’t matter to you, the G402 is perfect for a budget gaming mouse. But again if you’re a fanboy of Razer and are left-handed, you can go for corsair too.

All three mice have the same results which might differ on paper but not while using them in hand. If there’s still some confusion, the G402 will be the best option to get the best results in the game.

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