There are all sorts of games in the market right now which are demanding as well as require high end-devices. If you’re a budget device user, it can be a problem to find good games to spend your time with. To make it easier for you, we combined a list of the best games under 20MB for all the Android users.

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The mobile gaming community is growing every day with an increase in the number of players throughout the world. But for an Indian consumer, budget is always is an issue where you cannot enjoy the high graphic demanding games. Don’t worry, this post was made just for you.

Being a gamer myself, even for the PC department, low-end devices can be an issue. Hence we curated a list of the best games for PC under 4GB RAM.

In the list, we have games from all different categories so everyone can enjoy different types of games available. Since the play store is a huge store for fetching apps, we made it easier for you and refined all the best ones you can find in the store. 

All the games can run smoothly on any Android device as the game size will be less than or equal to 20MB.

Without wasting more time, let’s dig in.

Best Games Under 20MB

Dr Driving

This is one of the most popular racing games in the play store. There are many features and modes which have been compressed surprisingly below 20MB. Dr. Driving has been in the market for a while and the developers have rolled out the sequel of this game. Dr. Driving features regular driving features except for the realistic First-Person view while driving. Handling a car has never been smoother. 

best games under 20mb - dr driving

The various modes to choose from are Parking, Highway Speeding, etc. You gain points for the perfect completion of missions which can be used later on to redeem points and purchase new cars. One of the most attractive things about the game is car repairing which needs to be done after a few crashes. 


One of the best Puzzle games available on the Play Store with a minimal design and unique concept. With less than 6MB in size, the game has over 10 Million downloads on Android. The game went viral quickly as soon as it was launched. The design is minimal but the idea behind is unique which made this game a huge success. 

best games under 20mb - mekorama

The idea is simple that goes around a 3D player from a starting point to the end in a building maze. You need to complete the initial levels to unlock more and level up. Surprisingly, the developers compressed the game up to such an extent, it’s hard to believe looking at the graphics. You need to move your player by clicking onto the location and if feasible, the character will find away. If not, you need to make a way for your character to reach the endpoint. 

Unblock Me Free

Another unique puzzle game in the market which blew in the initial launch months. There is nothing fancy about this game except for the puzzle quality. You have a single block that you need to clear through the cluster of other blocks. You need to slide the other blocks to clear the passage for one block. 

best games under 20mb - unblock me free

The game has over 50 Million downloads on play store with a 4.6-star rating. One of the downfalls of the game is ads. There are so many popups of ads that might be irritating for a person and make you delete the game. While we do support the developers, you can turn off your internet connection while playing the game to get rid of the Ads.

A classic snake based Arcade game with a different catch. You get an online mode where you can beat players and become the biggest snake in the lobby. You get two modes to play with. One of them being the inbuilt game AI and the other being the online-multiplayer to compete with players throughout the world. 

best games under 20mb -

To compete in the online lobby, you need to get your head into the game and device a strategy once you’re bigger. This is because you need to wrap the other players inside you and get them to bite you so you can feed on them. The end goal is to get bigger than everyone in the lobby and keep dominating. The game has more than 100Million downloads on play store which is a lot along with a 4.1-star rating. 

Tank Hero

As the name suggests, this game is based upon tanks and the graphics are quite good considering the size of the game. The developers have spent a good amount of time compressing the game for the users so they do not face an issue while playing the game in low-end smartphones.  

best games under 20mb - tank hero

The playing pattern is easy. You get a small 3rd – Person tank view which can shoot missiles and you need to destroy AI made tanks which are your opponents. Do not think this is easy as they will shoot you back too. The game has other modes like survival and time-trial which will work on specific missions when you unlock them. The game is developed by Clap foot, a popular company that has many other hits on the play store. Tank hero ha more than 10 Million downloads on the play store with a 4.3-star rating. 

Infinity Loop 

This is probably the simplest puzzle game we’ve ever played. The UI is so simple with a minimal design along with the game concept. Although it has been updated over time, the game basics remain intact to its fundamentals.

best games under 20mb - infinity loop

As the name says, there are infinite loop series in the game. TIll now, we checked over 1000 levels but it kept going on. What you need to do is just tap on the loop to complete it. You need to turn every side to check if it will fit the loop design or not. There are three modes in the game. Infinity loop, Dark Loop, and Playground. The Dark Loop is a mode where you need to separate every element of the loop. The playground is similar to the infinity loop but with a little twist. Check from the link below as the game has over 10 Million downloads. 


The game is the name. This is it. The developer came up with a unique idea that blew up in the market. The concept is quite simple and you need to create the block of 2048 to complete the game. Yes, it seems easy, right? Well, it isn’t. 

best games under 20mb - 2048

You get blocks of different number and you need to slide them across the board to join them. Pairing requires a number of the same value. The result of joining numbers should be 2048. There are options for selecting different boards to challenge yourself including a 3×3, 4×4, 6×6, and 8×8 board. Other developers copied this idea and created other similar applications which included similar apps like 4096, etc. 

Flow Free

Another single-player puzzle game with a large follower base and a unique play style. You need to connect endpoints to different colors to complete a particular level and then move on to the next one. This is one of the best games under 20MB for Android smartphones in the market.

best games under 20mb - flow free

The game is not that simple. After getting onto a good level, you get complicated dots that are not easy to join and you need to twist your way around it. As the name says, they should be joined in a flow to complete the mission. Another mode in the game is time trial which challenges you to complete the set in a defined time. The game is quite popular with over 100 Million downloads and a 4.4-star rating on the play store.

Brick Game

All gamers remember the old console from the 1990s which had simple and easy classic games. If you’re still looking for a similar feel in your smartphone in 2020, this is the best option. This not only gives you the feel of the classic console but has sounds and games matching the same.

best games under 20mb - brick game

Jumping directly into the game, it gives you a lot of options to play with. It has many games from the original console which you can enjoy. Of course, the developer has added the twist of 2020 where you can share the stats with your friends and family or save it on the leaderboard. Another feature to play with is the console color which can be changed in-game. The game has over 10 million downloads in the play store with a 4.4-star rating from the players. 

Modern Sniper

A classic sniper shooter for android with low graphic support. The game size is less than 10MB but the game is worth it. The game has a basic UI for the sniping lovers who need a regular shooting game that has decent gameplay. This game is perfect for you. One of the best things about this game is the physics and the minimal graphics which makes it easier for the player to enjoy the game without facing any lag whatsoever.

best games under 20mb - modern sniper

The game starts with the tutorial mission and follows up with other missions where your goal is to eliminate all the enemies on your screen. It is s FPS game focused only on sniping as the name suggests. You get suppress fire option to disable firing sound as to not alert your enemies. When aware, the enemies will shart shooting back at you which will damage your health. After completing the missions you will be rewarded accordingly that can be used to upgrade your profile and weapons. The game has over 50 Million downloads on the play store with a 4.2-star rating.

Auto Gangsters

This game has a feeling similar to our all-time favorites GTA open-world games where we have spent a good amount of time. You can do whatever you want as it is your city and you control it. The game goes around traveling around in cars and exploring the city and claiming what’s yours. 

best games under 20mb - auto gangsters

The game is story-based where the city is going through gang wars and you happen to drop in between and start your journey to go at the top of the gangs to conquer it all. You have the liberty to drive anything you want and play with any gun you want. The UI is similar to GTA games along with the console and JoyStick in the game. You shoot big gang leaders to get to the top of the ladder and make a name for yourself in the underworld. The game is quite popular 3D game fans with downloads over 10 Million and an overall rating of 3.8-stars.


We all have played this game at a point in our lives and we still do. This is still one of the most popular board games in the market right now. Sometimes due to lack of friends or when you need to challenge yourself on a good level, you can try this game playing with an AI. Yes, the difficulty with AI in this app for smartphones is very high. You need to understand properly how things work to beat the algorithms of Chess in this game. 

best games under 20mb- chess

The rules are simple as were in the board game. The developer hasn’t changed a bit or added something new from their side. The game challenges you by a new level as you unlock the old one. A user will never get tired unless you’re an absolute genius (Why are you reading this if you are one?). This is one of most strategic games in the world which helps players build tactics to win from the opposing party or player. The developer has created this for people who’re in a rush and have less time to play the actual board game that exists in reality. The game has over 100 Million downloads and a 4.3-star rating on the play store. 

Shoot Bubble Deluxe

This is one of the most ignored games in smartphones which used to be pre-installed in the older generation smartphones. The game in particular was quite interesting and had a unique concept which some of the people failed to understand. The game has a unique interface along with the smartness required by the player to complete missions in the game. 

best games under 20mb - shoot bubble deluxe

The gameplay is quite normal yet challenging. You need to shoot balls of the same color to make them burst. If the balls reach down to the base, you lose, and the difficulty increases as you go deeper into the game. Your target should be to make the same color combination of 3 or more bubbles for them to burst and clear the passage. There is no science or skills required for this game but a pure brain. With a little bit of effort, you can level up in the game. This game is quite popular with over 100 Million downloads with a 4.4-star rating on the play store.

Doodle Cricket

A simple and minimal cricket doodle game for smartphones as well as for PC. Since we’re talking about the best games under 20MB for Android, let’s not talk about PC. This game is probably one of the best doodle games for cricket lovers. The UI is quite simple and fun to play with. 

best games under 20mb - doodle cricket

The game is nothing fancy or complicated. It has a simple interface with just one click control. You need to time yourself with the ball and hit with a single click. You need to reach the highest score doing this. You will get out if you miss it. This is the only concept behind the game. The gameplay was smooth and we didn’t face any lag as the size is quite compressed for smartphones. The game has seen a dropdown of users due to the recent update in which the developer changed some colors which might be eye-restraining. The game still has over a million downloads and a 4.4-star rating. 

Stick Hero

The 2D game trend of minimal arcade games has been in the market for quite some time now and stick hero is one of them. The game has a minimal design with a unique game style. The stick series is quite popular among gamers and this game has good reviews on the play store. The game size might go a little over 20 MB but the game is worth it

best games under 20mb - stick hero

The idea is simple, you need to make a way for your player to walk from one location to another by estimating the gap between two places then creating a bridge. You can do this by holding down any finger on the screen and the bridge will start creating. Lift your finger when you think the size is an ideal distance for your character. The bridge cannot be too short or too long otherwise the player will down. There is no science behind this game and you need to make as many bridges to create the highest score possible. One bridge grants you one point. The game has over 10 Million downloads on the play store with a 4.3-star rating.

Word Academy

There’s always an app that will help you learn too among the arcade and adventure gaming sections. Here is a perfect application that will help you increase your vocabulary and let you play around with words and in a unique way along with learning which is important. To be honest, all types of games teach us a lesson or two being good or bad. It’s up to the users how they take it. 

best games under 20mb - word academy

Coming to Word Academy, the app functions are quite simple. You need to find the right word in the grid or cluster of alphabets. For this, you need to have a good vocabulary and this will help you sharpen it even more. Hundreds of grids or levels continue when you complete a particular level. Just like any other game, you advance based on the previous level. Initially, you will find it to be quite easy but the words and size increase over time. The game is quite popular with more than 5 Million downloads and a 4.5-star rating on the play store.

Break the Prison

Here’s something different to try for low-end devices. As the name says, the concept is related to prison break and here again, you need to put some brains to complete the missions to help your character succeed. You need to break the rules of prison to escape it and you know the rest. 

best games under 20mb - break the prison

The story is simple, you were caught for a crime you didn’t commit and were sentenced to Jail. Now you need to set yourself free and prove ur innocence. You need to pull off things that require some puzzle and problem-solving skills. You play the character of a mechanical Engineer and need to build the required tools in your cell and advance towards your freedom. One of the primary updates users are asking from the developers is a graphic update as it feels outdated compared to the current trend. Nevertheless, the game has over 10 Million downloads with a 3.7-star rating on the play store. 


This is probably one of the most popular Indian Board game which is plated in the Indian families. Not only it is a great stress-buster, but it creates a joyful environment that is healthy for building good relations among your friends and family. This is now available for your Android Smartphones too without any limitation. 

best games under 20mb - ludo

The gameplay is quite simple as it used to be on the board version. You need 2-4 players to play the game on the device. You can play with the bots or with your friends and family. You will get 4 tokens to start which will open only when you roll 6 on the dice. Then you need to travel all across the board following the numbers and reach the home of your color. The Dice rolls randomly so there’s no guarantee fo getting any number. The first player to take all the tokens to home will win the game. Every player will get a chance one by one and you can cut the token of other players in the way or get eliminated by them to start from the beginning. The game has over 10 Million downloads and a 4.2-star rating on the play store. 

Find a Way

Another puzzle to solve on the play store which has an interesting concept. The idea is the opposite of the name of the developer which is Zero Logic Games. The design and UI of the application are very minimal and smooth. It is the perfect game for people looking for something different to spend their time on. With a little effort, you can cross the levels in the game. 

best games under 20mb - find a way

The gameplay is quite simple. You will get some dots to join along with some barriers in between. You need to join all the dots from one end to the other without overlapping or leaving a dot behind. You can go around the barriers easily and find a way to do this. The game has 1200+ levels out of which half are free while the other half is paid. The game also has a night mode to reduce eye strain caused while using the device in a dark place. You also get access to custom dots to make your puzzles even more interesting. The game has over a million downloads on the play store with an overall rating of 4.8-star.

Zombie Roadkill 3D

A rampage game which is quite a hit on the play store. The zombie-killing car on the road concept is quite fun and interesting for the gamers and the best of all is available under 20MB which is compatible with all the low-end devices easily without any hassles. The game is more than just your regular shooter with a different and intriguing idea. 

best games under 20mb - zombie roadkill 3d

The story is your town is overrun by zombies and you need to use your high powered car to kill all of them and save your town. If not, you’ll be eaten by zombies on the road because, after a while, they hop on to your vehicle and start destroying it. You can drive your vehicle through the zombies along with having some high powered weapons on board to kill them easily. There are two modes in the game one being the story mode and the other being the endless mode. The game has over 50 Million downloads on the play store along with a 4.3-star rating. 

Basketball Shoot

A simple basketball shooting game for the gamers who want a drag and release game. These types of games are quite popular but basketball, in particular, has attracted some of the players in the town. This is similar to the Archery game which became a hit long back. The function is quite similar but it is made for the basketball freaks. 

best games under 20mb - basketball shoot

The gameplay is quite easy. You need to drag and adjust your power along the dotted line and make your best shot. Simultaneous shooting will lead to continuous streaks and will gain you points in the game. One of the best things about the game is the background where you get options to change from 11 backgrounds including Airport, Beach, rooftop, etc. The UI is quite fun and the only thing leaving behind was the smoothness. The shots could have been smoother which would make the game even more engaging. The game has over 10 Million downloads and s 4.3-star rating on the play store.


This is something new for gamers. A text-based game lets you into multiple situations and you need to select the best which will give you final results. This is one of the best 20MB games os far as considering that the game has no graphics, this is ideal. The game is AI-based and you need to make precise decisions looking at the conditions. Yes, it has a storyline. 

best games under 20mb - seedship

You’re in an AI ship full of travelers looking for a new home. The ship gives you new plates and their conditions and it’s up to you to decide if you want to travel and live there or not. While traveling on the ship, you will encounter multiple events and you need to face them precisely not damaging your ship in the process. You need to increase your score along the way and discover the new colonies you found and if they’re an ideal living place for your team. The game has high positive reviews being addictive so it is a good option to spend some time on. It has over half a million downloads on the play store along with 4.6-star overall rating. 

Devil Ninja 2

A classic ninja combat game that is highly recommended to all the Android gamers out there. The game has simple functions but still, it is addictive. As the name says, you play the character of a Ninja in the game to fight monsters and level up. Everything in the game is engaging including the graphics which might be outdated for some users but still good enough to take us through the memory lane. 

best games under 20mb - devil ninja 2

The game starts with the ninja facing off against multiple monsters and level up after each fight. The ultimate goal is to kill the king of the monsters with the special abilities you gain in your way. Just like other games, there are options like tap to jump and double-tap to jump and a shooter button to sling your sword through the enemies. The game has two modes that users can enjoy. You will be rewarded with more energy balls to increase your game level which will help you might the king. The game has over 10 Million downloads along with a 4.5-star rating on the play store. 

Robot Strike 3D

This is probably the best 3D Robot Action game which is good. Now the size might go a little over 20MB, the graphics are quite good. Some users did notice a lag in their device but our observation was normal the game worked quite well in our device. You can try out other games in the series if you didn’t like this in particular. 

best games under 20mb - robot strike 3d

You start as a robot on a rampage trying to kill the other robots opposing you. The controls of the game are quite easy and nothing too complicated to deal with. You get a joystick and a shooting button in which you can change the modes. You can eliminate your enemies in multiple ways possible which include shooting them using missiles, machine guns, or frying them with tasers. Well, it’s not as easy as it looks. The opponents will be shooting back at you with multiple grenades and you need to dodge them too while shooting. The game is quite popular with over a million downloads and a 4-star rating. 

Real Bike Racing

You didn’t think there would be a racing game? I guess you were wrong then. This is one of the most popular racing games for low-end devices played by millions of players worldwide. The graphics are minimal and compressed to fit just above 20MB. You can easily run this game on any smartphone without any issue. A little tweak in the game can also help in boosting the game performance. 

best games under 20mb - real bike racing

The game UI might be considered a little outdated for some users who are updated with the latest games in the market. The gameplay is simple with nothing too much to take in. You just need to push the gas and reach the finish line first to win. The game has multiple laps and more than 10 superbikes to choose from. This is an ideal game for all the bike freaks who are looking to try something interesting. The game has over 100 Million downloads in the play store along with a 4-star rating. 

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