best laptop brands in india

While deciding which brand to choose a laptop, we stumble upon multiple things in the market. Among the high competition of electronic devices in the market, choosing a laptop is particularly one of the hardest things and that’s why we’ve made it easier for you by creating a list of best laptop brands in India.

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To top it off, some of the brands on our list are the bestsellers in the market with a lot of positive reviews from the users and the reviewers in the online industry. 

The most common thing while buying a laptop is not the configuration people look for but the brand quality. If the company is trusted by the users, there’s no problem in going ahead and purchasing it. People think of buying these things as a long term investment. While it might not be the best investment, you should still consider the purpose you’re buying it for. 

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The main question you need to ask yourself is why are you buying a laptop? What is the purpose of getting a laptop? There’s no use of spending a fortune on a business laptop if you’re a gamer and vice versa. You cannot just revert back to buying another one if you’re on a budget so you need to make the best decision in order to get the perfect laptop for your needs.

Do Note that this is a brand-specific post and not a post targeting a particular laptop model. I’m only going to tell you about the best brands available in the market and not some particular variant. 

Without wasting any more time, here are the best laptop brands in India you can look out for.

List Of Best Laptop Brands In India


best laptop brands in india - apple

One of the oldest brands having a huge customer base in the market. Apple produces billions of revenue from the MacBooks worldwide. The quality they provide the customers is on another level with good aftersales service and tonnes of updates for even the older devices in the segment. 

If you’re a business person, this brand should be a must-buy for you. Apple has produced some of the best laptops trending in India including the Macbook Air which was launched some time ago. 

The only downfall for this company is the pricing. Being an Indian, some of us are always on a budget while buying devices and gadgets. Apple’s pricing for the MacBooks can go above the budget of most of the customers in the Indian Market. The starting price for MacBook is 60,000 and can go beyond 2,00,000. If you have the budget, this is one of the best laptop brands in India without a second thought.  

If you’re a gamer, this brand is strictly not advised as Apple’s capability of running demanding games is NIL

Stay away and look on to the other items below if you’re looking for better products in the budget that can be used for multiple purposes. 

Best Macbooks in India


A Taiwan based company having expertise in the gaming modules. Apart from that Asus has introduced a new series for the non-gamers. These are strictly for business professionals who like the idea of portability. Asus has proved itself to be consumer worthy in the market by launching both business series and the gaming series on laptops. This is one of the developing companies providing the affordability and the best specifications at the same time which is the reason why it made to our list of best laptop brands in India.

Apart from that, the company has also launched hardware for gadgets and desktops. There are three popular series from ASUS trending in the market right now.

Vivobook Series

best laptop brands in india - asus vivobook

If you’re looking for an affordable business series laptop for travel and work, this is the best suited for you. The Vivobook series was launched back in 2019 and gained early success in the market. The device is known for its affordability and the quality it gives at the particular price point.

The Vivobook is available in two variants including Vivobook 14 and Vivobook 15. The subsections are also available for both the variants. The price starts at 32,000.

Best variants below

Zenbook Series

best laptop brands in india - asus zenbook

This is one premium business laptop from ASUS. The reason they became popular was due to the launch of Zenbook Duo having a dual-screen setup. These are not for budget-oriented people and come with a slightly higher price tag. The Zenbook was launched in 2019, months later after the Vivobook series.

You can check the Zenbook Series from the link below.

Asus Zenbook Series

ROG Gaming Series

best laptop brands in india - asus ROG

If you’re a gamer, you probably know about this subbrand from ASUS. This is one of the most premium gaming series in the market. Their recently launched ROG Strix series is blowing up the market with the price tag and specifications it comes in. The ROG laptops have sub-series depending upon the price and quality. The most popular are the Strix and Zephyrus series. 

For gamers looking to invest in a laptop, this brand is worth looking into while purchasing. 

Check the ROG Gaming Laptops from the link below. 


best laptop brands in india - Lenovo

This is by far the most common laptop brand in the Indian market. Every user has used this at some point in their life. They have good brand loyalty and image that serves its purpose. If you’re on a strict and tight budget, Lenovo is the one to go for. They’ve been in this game for decades and have given the customers some of the best and popular products in the market. 

Two of their popular business series include the Ideapad and Thinkpad series which has countless variants in the market. You can decide the price at what you want and select the exact model with the specification required. For some of the customers, Lenovo is considered one of the best laptop brands in India.

The business series in Lenovo has a major downfall of the hard disk. The prebuilt regular hard disk is too slow and booting windows in the business series takes more than a minute in 2020. While other brands have switched over to the upgraded hard disks, Lenovo still sticks up to the regular hard disks in the market. 

Legion Series 

best laptop brands in india - Lenovo Legion

The Legion Series from Lenovo is made especially for the gamers in the market. You can choose from various models in the market with a starting price of 62,990. Although there is a slight possibility of these being overpriced but can be available for less in the sales. 

Click the best buy links of Lenovo laptops below.

Thinkpad Series
Ideapad Series
Legion Series


best laptop brands in india - MSI

Stands for Micro-Star International, the company has performed the opposite. It is one of the biggest leaders in gaming laptops in the market. One of the best plus points of the products is quality. If you’re a hardcore gamer, these laptops can be built according to your demands. Yes, you can get them shipped from outside India and get exactly what you want. 

One of the best things you can expect is customization. You can customize the laptops and get them built according to what you need. Unlike other brands that offer you premade laptops at a certain price but they’re limited. With MSI you have the freedom to choose and pick the parts you want and get them custom built if they’re not available. 

All the options are available on the official MSI website and you can choose from the customization options available on the website.

Keep in mind that these will be priced higher than the regular ones as you’re getting the customized versions for your needs. The company also sells regular premade laptops through Amazon and Flipkart. Although you don’t get the customization option while buying from these websites. The price for MSI gaming laptops starts from 69,990 on Amazon

MSI Laptops


Another popular choice in the Indian market and Dell is known for the sturdiness of their products. The company not only sells laptops but some of the best gaming laptops in the market making them one of the best laptop brands in India. If you want an all-rounder, some of the budget laptops in this brand are good to go. The first-ever laptop I used was Dell’s and since then, I have been a fan of their products. 

The build quality and support are good in India and the only thing consumers in India want is good customer service. Dell has one of the best solution networks for the customers. Some of the most popular series in Dell is given below.


best laptop brands in india - Dell Vostro

Dell Vostro Series is for low budget consumers who are looking to kickstart their business at a low cost. These laptops are built with basic features that you need for work purposes. Some of the low priced ones are built with a DOS operating system to cut their cost and making it money efficient. 

While getting yourself Vostro series, keep in mind that Vostro Series cannot be used for heavy usage and only for basic work as the specifications aren’t going to be high-end.

The Dell Vostro series start from 27,000. Click the link below to buy.

Dell Vostro Series


best laptop brands in india - Dell Inspiron

Inspiron is one of the most common and popular products among Dell users. It’s basically an all-rounder if you get the medium budget ones. They are equipped with the best build quality that can last for years on low to moderate usage. These are commonly owned by small business enterprises for all the work required.

There are huge variations available in the Inspiron series that includes the 2 in 1 laptop and the Notebooks. The price of the Dell Inspiron series starters from 45,000 and can be bought through the link below. 

Dell Inspiron Series


best laptop brands in india - Dell Alienware

This is a subsidiary of Dell which was acquired a decade ago. Alienware still has a lot of hype in the market for its name but due to the rise in competition, they are adapting late in the gaming industry. They still produce high-quality gaming laptops that are suited to complete the purpose but somehow they aren’t durable. Recent technology advancements have been many devices in the market that can be carried anywhere without hassles but Alienware is not one of them.

Another noticeable thing here is the pricing. The laptop pricing in the gaming series for Alienware exceeds the average budget and goes beyond. If you’re on a tight budget for gaming, these might not be the best option for you. 

Currently, the company is selling Alienware M15 series with a starting price of 1,63,679 on Amazon.


Acer is probably one of the oldest founded companies in the market with some good recent launches in the market. In the regular versions, the Swift series is having a huge bump in the sales right now. Apart from that, they have other series like the Spin Series and Aspire Series which are popular in the market. 

Acer Swift Series


The Acer Swift Series became popular because of the features it offers for the business people. The laptop weighs less than a kg. Yes!! These laptops are made for traveling purposes and to fulfill all the needs of a business person. They can be used for anything except gaming or any task that demands high graphics.

This is because of the fact that the Swift series isn’t equipped with graphic cards. It is not advised for gamers to go for this laptop as it’s not made to solve that purpose. 

You can have a look at the swift series from the link below. 

Acer Predator and Nitro Series

best laptop brands - Acer Nitro

Predator and Nitro, both were launched for gamers and fulfill their needs. While Predator gained huge success in the market, Nitro wasn’t too much popular among the users. Another fact about the Predator was the heating issues. While all the gaming laptops have the tendency to overheat, Predator had to be tuned manually to maintain the cooling inside. 

Links for Gaming series below


best laptop in India - HP Omen

A popular user favored brand in the market producing a good number of products for the consumers. HP brand has it all. If you’re budget-oriented or you need something high-end, you can check the range of products they offer. Their gaming series wasn’t quite popular in the market but the notebooks and other business series laptops are worth it. 

They have a range of products which were launched earlier but no new products in recent years. Maybe they’re working on something special but we have no idea as of now. Some of the popular series include HP Pavilion, Spectre, and the gaming device which didn’t get the popularity it deserved, Omen

HP Omen was of the best products that the company created but due to being priced a little above than the competitors, the product didn’t shake up the market. Check this link for the HP Omen Series.


Two popular brands Viao and Samsung which had some of the good products in the laptop segment doesn’t exist anymore. The Viao Series can still be seen in the US market but it does not exist in India anymore. Both these brands created good laptops but they didn’t meet the exact requirements of the users in the market. The main and important thing they lacked was the development. 

Technology is evolving these days but these brands didn’t and stayed with their original look and feel which resulted in declining sales. While adapting is very important in the market, you need to fill the customer demands too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand of laptop is best?

While all brands are best-selling and top-notch, ASUS should be considered as an all rounder. Since the launch of their multiple series built for different types of consumers, all have gotten positive reviews from the users. Rest deciding the best laptop brand depends on your usage. If you’re a business user and you have a good budget, Apple is the one without any doubt.

What laptop should I buy for 2020?

Laptop should be decided on the basis of your usage. If you’re looking for a long term business solution, go for Apple Mac books but if you’re on budget, you can look in the other brands weather it’s in gaming or regular series.

What should I check before buying laptop?

The only priority you should have in mind while buying a laptop is the purpose. What work are you going to do on the laptop? If you buy something which is not worthy of the task you’re going to perform, the device can be a waste of money.

If you need a laptop for business purpose and your work includes a lot of traveling here are some of the things you can look at while buying a laptop

  • Lightweight – For travel purposes, you should check the weight of the laptops as it might be uncomfortable traveling with a heavy laptop.
  • Fast Disks – Business series laptops should be fast when needed so you need to make sure the laptops have good SSD which can perform tasks in a short amount of time.
  • Graphic Card – Think before buying a graphic card according to the work you’re looking to do. If your work doesn’t demand a lot of graphic usages, buying a heavy graphic card might not be money efficient.

Can a laptop last 10 years?

Yes, if you use the device properly, it can last for 10 years and laptops are considered as long term investments in India. I personally have used a laptop for more than 7 years. Mac Books are the most durable and can easily last for 10 years if taken care of properly.

Why is Lenovo so slow?

Lenovo laptops have a lot of complaints regarding the speed of the laptop. This is due to the fact that the laptops have a lot of bloatware that come pre-loaded from the company. This is one of the factors which can be resolved by uninstalling the applications or reinstalling windows as soon as you get the device.

The other factor is the hard-disk. As mentioned earlier in the post, Lenovo laptop’s hard-disk use the old versions which are slow. We have no idea when the company is planning to upgrade the device.

Which is the best laptop brand for gaming?

The best laptop brands for gaming are:

  • Asus ROG Series
  • Acer Predator Series
  • Lenovo Legion Series

These are based upon the recent market trends but Alienware and Omen haven’t adjust to the budget price tag in the Indian market which is why their popularity dropped down. If you’re a true fanboy of these brands, they aren’t bad in 2020 but if you’re on a budget, these might not be the best option.

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