Do you know what pleases your mind? A ringtone that can make your day. A tune that can turn your tears into laughter. Searching for the best ringtone can be tiresome but we’ve made it easier for you by compiling the best ringtone apps for android. This list has been curated after testing each and every application because we believe user experience is everything for the customers. 

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Are you using the same ringtones that come by default in your android? How does that make you any different than the crowd? If you’re looking to try something new in the market, here’s your chance to get ahead of others and show off a little bit. Having some new and unique ringtones in public doesn’t make you weird, it makes you stand out.

Some of the people don’t even bother changing the ringtone available from the stock tunes in their device so using a dedicated ringtone app would be different. Imagine the possibilities of creating so many unique ringtones or choosing from a library where no one even looks at. 

Also, some of the applications can help you set your voice recording as a ringtone which is quite unique. This will be a reminder as to how good you sing. 

Without wasting your time, let’s get started. 

Best Ringtone Apps For Android

Since there are many applications available, we filtered out some of the best ones for you to choose wisely and start with your first unique ringtone. These are available on the Google Play Store and all the download links will be provided below. All these apps can be used to set alarms, ringtones, etc on your smartphone. 


Zedge is one of the most popular applications for not only ringtones but to download some of the best wallpapers in the market. The library they have is just endless. You can browse through thousands of ringtones from the gallery in the application. One of the best things about the app is the UI which is quite smooth and there were minor bugs that are acceptable. 


The ringtone library of Zedge is huge. You can select audio files to customize your phone including ringtones, alarms, message pings, etc. You can literally revamp the whole audio system of your website. You can preview and listen to the tune before you want to download and Zedge has just the feature you need. 

Another feature of this application is the wallpaper library which includes static as well as live wallpapers. There is a collection of thousands of wallpapers from different categories including vector, artistic, and many others. Apart from this, people looking to customize their theme can also look at the custom icons which can be installed in your device.

Ringtone Creator & MP3 Cutter


This is one of the most basic applications available which can help you create the perfect ringtone for your device. The application lets you store your files on an external card in your device and the audio can be exported in various formats including MP3, WAV, AAV, etc. 

This application gives you the freedom to edit any part of your audio and merge with other audio clips to create the perfect ringtone you’re looking for. You can also record and edit audio clips in the application which can be used to create a ringtone or any other tone from your voice. You can check out the application for more info and detailed features. 


Timbre is not a dedicated audio editing app but it can do the job for you. The UI had some initial impressions of Youtube. Not exactly but the theme was designed according to it. The application was created as a video editing tool but you can extract your audio clip from the video file and edit it separately. There is no limitation as you can add other clips too on your extracted clip from your video.


One of the drawbacks of Timbre was being a video editing application, there was no waveform or display for the audio editing mode. This makes it a lot harder to edit long videos which can take some time since you need to play every second to edit the exact portion.

Ringtone Slicer FX

This ringtone maker app has one of the best UI in the market which makes it one of the best ringtone apps for android. You get a ton of features to work with including the fact that the app itself has multiple themes and colors ensuring you never get bored while using it. Working work long hours can be exhausting sometimes and while it is not advised, you can have a change of scenery to continue working. 


One of the key points of Slicer FX is the inbuilt file explorer making it easier for you to find the audio files in your device. Other editing options in the app include fade animations which makes your tones even more melodious.

You can edit your ringtones in Waveform which makes the application, even more, user friendly for editors. You can directly skip to the part where the audio starts and continue your magic on your clip.

MP3 Cutter by Inshot

Another application with one of the best editing features. This application gives you a great deal of depth which is needed while editing the clips. According to the description, you can edit applications in milliseconds which can be quite useful in some cases. This is a powerful tool for audio editors which why we added it to our list of the best ringtone apps for android.


You can create ringtones, alarms, message tones from any audio clip in your device. There are options like edit, trim, or merge files to create the perfect audio you desire. Along with all these, you get options for exporting them in multiple bitrate types which include 64kb/ps, 128kb/ps, 192kb/ps, and 256kb/ps. You can also add multiple effects on the beginning of the end to make the audio more interesting. The audio files can be exported in multiple formats including MP3, WAV, AAC, etc. 


Ringdroid helps you in cutting out some of the best parts in your song and set them as whatever sound you feel like in your device. The results are stored in your memory card for easy access. This is one of the oldest apps in our best ringtone apps for android list. The UI has been changed recently according to the current trend in the market.


Editing your music has never been easier. You can select any type of audio file and make changes accordingly as the editing option has 4x Zoom possibilities so you can do even the minor changes in a song. Other features include an option to record your own audio to use as a ringtone. Creating a ringtone of your own voice is interesting and you should definitely give this a try to create some awesome ringtones and alarms for your device. 

Ringtones and Wallpapers for Me

This application provides the ultimate customization solution for your smartphone when it comes to audio and wallpapers. As the name suggests, you can download music ringtones and other audio files for your device along with some of the best wallpapers to change the look of your homepage. 


The ringtones in this app are arranged in many categories different types of people. Since we’re humans and everyone has a different vibe to look forward to, the application has songs for different classes. You get to choose from a wide range of apps instead of some limited tunes for your device. The wallpaper section is quite big and is a plus point for users trying out this application. 

Although we have Zedge as a competitor, this application is worth a try. Who knows, you might get exactly what you’re looking for. 


If you’re one of the people who doesn’t want to spend your time editing the ringtones for your device, Audiko is just perfect for you. This app has a huge database of millions of songs from which you can choose from. You aren’t getting bored anytime soon. Along with this, the developers keep updating their database with new ringtones to choose from. 


Along with the database, you also get an option to edit the audio files you want to use according to your requirements. This makes the app flexible to use without any restrictions. The UI of Audiko is very interactive with all the features easily accessible including the huge gallery they have. 

One of the key points of this app is the “My Collection” section where you can add your favorite clips for future use. This makes it easier to access the files instead of searching the whole directory. 

Bells and Whistles Ringtones

This is not a very big or feature-rich application. This is for people who want a little twist over their regular notification sounds. As the name goes, the application gives you many choices in the Bells and Whistles category which you can use for various applications including Ringtones, Alarms, and Notification Sounds. The UI of the app is quite minimal with nothing fancy or over the bar. 


Using the application is quite easy. All you need to do is open the application, browse through the audio section, and preview the ringtone you want to apply. Finally, select the place where you want to apply the ringtone. The app is not very popular but it’s limited to very few people. If you love the stock ringtones in your device, this will be interesting for you. 

Pi Music Player

Well, as the name says, this application was intended to be a music player and does a fantastic job here. You can set a timer or number of songs in the player when you’re going to bed to make sure the music automatically turns off saving the battery in your device. After all, juice is what everyone is after in 2020. The application also has an inbuilt Youtube player that can fetch videos from Youtube. 


Coming to the editing section, Pi has a ringtone editor which can crop elements from your favorite music and can be used later on as a ringtone. One of the best things about this app was the UI which is very important to some users as they want their apps to be smooth and functional. The app has a 5 Band Equalizer which can be used to edit the voices and make proper optimizations in the song. 

The most attractive feature in the device was the floating video player which can play your videos while browsing through other apps. This is also known as PIP(Picture in Picture) mode. 

Ringtones Top 100

This app is quite popular in the market due to the concept behind it. You might have guessed it by the name as the application has the best 100 ringtones of all time which are curated from the world. It is not limited to a particular place, region, or category. You need to download the application to check out the different types of ringtones it has to offer. 


The application has a minimal UI and the audio quality is top-notch. The audio can be used for many purposes including Alarm and Notification Tones. It has over 5 Million downloads on the play store which might be important for some users while selecting the best ringtone apps for android. The content in this app might be limited but still, it has some of the best ringtones you could ask for. 

Z Ringtones

Another free ringtone app in the market with lots of features for the users. The main thing to focus is on the UI of the app and looks like the creators have takes a lot of time in designing the application. This shows their level of dedication towards providing the best user experience for the people browsing their app making it one of the best free ringtone apps for android


Similar to other applications like Zedge, Z Ringtones also has huge data of various ringtones to choose from. You can pick from various categories including Blue, Classical, Comedy, Country, Dance, etc. All the audio files in the application are free and you don’t require a premium to use them. The app has over a million downloads along with thousands of positive reviews. The size is also compressed below 5MB which shouldn’t be too much. 

Super Funny Ringtones

As the name says, the ringtones consist of some of the best funny voices which exist online. The UI might not be updated but the app does the job without any issues or limitations. As about editing, you get no option to edit the ringtones in the app itself. Considering the concept behind this app, there’s no point in editing the funny voices which would take the fun of it. 


You can use preview the audio files in the app itself and listen before making your judgment about the particular tone. You can use these clips to use as a ringtone, alarm, notification, etc. There are more than 50 audio files that can be used for whatever you want them to. This includes some of the best ringtones including baby laughs, ear song, crazy chicken, Donald duck, iPhone minions, etc. 

All the other applications in our best ringtone apps list were somewhat similar to the concept of audio editing. This app was a bit different which is why it has millions of downloads and thousands of positive reviews on the play store.

Mobiles Ringtones

Want to steal the ringtones of some of the best devices in the market? They’ve got you covered. You don’t need to steal anymore to bluff about your device. You can simply install this application and access thousands of mobile ringtones varying from a range of devices online. The app provides the audio in MP3 format which can be used to set as a ringtone directly or you can download it onto your device and listen to it as a song. 

This app gives you access to some of the most popular ringtones including those in iOS, Nokia, Samsung, Bollywood, and English genres. You have a wide range of audio to choose from and select as a ringtone for your device.

On top of everything, the UI is neat and clean making it easier for the user to browse in the app and find what they’re looking for easily.

Ringtone Maker

This app is similar to the other ringtone apps on our list. You get to choose from a wide range of features to make your editing easier. There are no default audio tones to choose from in the app. This app is specifically for people who are looking to create something unique and interesting for them or the whole world. You can share the audio you created to the whole world out there and get a following for yourself. 

There are many options for an editor inside the app. You get options like fade in/out while exporting in an MP3 format making the audio more smooth. You can edit the MP3 file using the waveform provided in the app making editing even easier. You can check every instant of the tune and make sure the editing is accurate. The audio can be assigned to specific contacts to make sure you know if a special person is calling you. 

This app also has a paid version you can check through here. The premium version will give you an ad-free experience making your edit sessions limitless.

New Ringtones

One of the most popular ringtone apps in the market with a huge follower base. It has over 5 Million downloads on the play store which might matter for some people who check the reviews. Thousands of people have gives positive reviews about the app. It has some of the coolest tones that you can use as a ringtone on your device. 

The app sadly doesn’t support editing which means you can have fun with the stock audio files in the application but you cannot edit or make changes on them. This might not be the perfect dedicated app you were looking for. 

Why Ringtone Apps?

Some people find default ringtones to be frustrating which is why we created this list of best ringtone apps for android. We hope this list helps you in choosing the perfect application for your needs and lighten up your mood with a change in the default audio in your device. 

You can bend, twist, turn any type of music you want through these applications in our list and create the perfect ringtone you want for your device. Comment below if you liked this list we created for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best ringtone app for Android phones?

There is no specific app which can be said as the best ringtone app for smartphones. It all depends on what you’re looking for and the purpose of the app. If you’re an editor, you can choose the editing apps whereas if you’re looking for some of the best-premade apps, you can look for apps like Zedge.

Is Zedge Safe 2020? 

Zedge is one of the most popular and free ringtone apps for android. There have been no security issues about the app. The app has thousands of positive reviews on the play store. 

How do you get free ringtones for Android?

All the apps we mentioned in the list above are free. You can get them easily by downloading them on the play store. All the links are given below the app descriptions.