Alright, our Facebook and Instagram feeds were been flooded with advertisements related to Amazon echo series smart speakers and Alexa’s surprising skills. Alexa support has become a necessary for some users.

But if you ask a person who actually uses one of those devices, what the say is “ Yeah, It (Alexa) performs really well but the sound quality is not so impressive”

Here’s how you can fix that.

All you need is a better speaker with Alexa in it. There are possibilities for that.

During the IFA event held in Berlin, some companies released smart speakers with Alexa enabled on them.

No they are not manufactured by Amazon, yet they’ve got Alexa with them.

It is a well-known fact that Google Home is way better than Amazon’s Echo speakers. That is why the Amazon devices didn’t perform well in the market, sales wise.

Amazon Echo Plus is considered to have better sound quality among the echo series smart speakers which are manufactured and sold directly by Amazon.

To improve their sound quality Amazon has planned to release a soundbar soon.

But there are some third-party companies in the market which produces better speakers with Alexa’s smart assistance.

#1 Harman Kardon Allure:

Source: Amazon.

Allure is the best alternative for Amazon’s Echo Speakers. It has got some awesome features. It has 360° transducers which burst out sound from all directions.

One of the main features we personally like on this speaker is it has got a subwoofer. Yep, we bass heads love it.

It also has 4 mics all around its body which is used for far-field voice detection.

Yeah, obviously it has Alexa enabled in it. The only inconvenience users face with this speaker is Alexa cannot make calls.

But it is expected that in the future software it might get this issue fixed.

Price: $250 (Global) (Rs 22,499) (Indian)


#2 Huawei AI Cube:


Huawei and Amazon have officially collaborated to design and release this smart speaker. So obviously it has Amazon’s Alexa Voice Assistant in it.

Its design is classic cylindrical tube type with a circle LED light on the top with control buttons on them.

As far as sound quality is concerned it outperforms Google Home devices. This too has Omni Directional sound emitting system and has a really good bass.

It has a built-in 4G router for better connectivity of wifi. The pricing is not yet confirmed for this speaker.

#3 Sonos One:


Sonos one is considered as one of the better alternatives for Amazon Echo. It has built-in Alexa Voice Assistant.

It competitively has better sound quality than any other speakers. The interesting part is that you could connect this speaker with the other soothers speakers or home theater setup you have and enjoy music everywhere around you and ask Alexa whatever she could possibly answer.

Price: $199 (Global) Rs 26,500 (India)


The other possible way you could use Alexa in other speakers is,

  • Buy Amazon echo dot. (Which is the cheapest among Amazon echo speakers).
  • Turn on pairing mode in the device and connect via Bluetooth through Alexa app.


  • Connect both devices through 3.5mm AUX cable.

It’s as simple as that.

If you’re still not satisfied with all those speakers and techniques, just wait for Amazon to release Amazon Echo soundbar.



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