A “Cursed Wallpaper” is reckoning havoc in Android Phones with its Color Profile. This ultimately leads to Android Phones crashing and users being unable to use their phone until it is factory reset from the bootloader.

Everyone using gadgets like computers, laptops, or Mobile Phones has some sort of wallpaper installed on their device. There are numerous wallpapers available out there owing to numerous categories. Although soothing wallpapers can lighten up a bad mood, this beautiful “Cursed wallpaper” does not bring anything but bad news to the android users.

An beautiful, simple looking wallpaper is crashing android phones once it is set up as wallpaper, all over the world.

What is the cursed wallpaper in question and how does it affect Android phones?

cursed wallpaper

The “cursed wallpaper” in question is a simple, innocent-looking picture of a lake in the middle and mountains with clouds in the background. This pretty yet cursed picture is making rounds on social media doing a not so pretty job. The wallpaper Soft-bricks Android phones making them unable to use and reboot if you set it as your wallpaper. The wallpaper was first reported to harm Samsung mobiles, but soon almost every android mobile is vulnerable to this.

The Cursed Wallpaper has an improperly coded google color profile, which causes the Android System UI to crash from an out of bounds error. However, If you tamper the image in any way such as saving it as a screenshot, editing it, cropping, or resizing it. It will render the image harmless.

The news about this Cursed wallpaper was put forward by popular tipster Ice Universe on Twitter. He also stated that “When I tried to upload the original image (left) to Weibo, I found that its color to change (right). At this time, the image became harmless, but when uploaded to twitter, the original image still does not change color, still harmful. So I suspect it may be related to color gamut. In other words, Weibo did some processing on the pictures and dealt with harmful ingredients. But Twitter’s mechanism for processing pictures is different from Weibo”.

Cursed wallpaper comparison

The Jinxed wallpaper is not showing any mercy on Google Pixel phones as well.

Things to Keep In Mind :

  • Yes, downloading this image and keeping it as wallpaper will crash your phone.
  • No, it isn’t limited to just Samsung phones. Even Android Emulators are vulnerable.
  • No, Don’t try it. Unless you like to damage your phone and factory resetting it.

Possible Solutions for this problem:

If you have set up the Cursed wallpaper already, your phone must be on bootloader or in a boot-loop. Here are some possible fixes.

  1. If your phone has crashed, after rebooting you can pull down the notification bar and go to setting tab and change the wallpaper there with the speed of light. It is also possible if you have a different wallpaper on your lock screen.
  2. If your phone can boot into safe mode, you might have enough time to put up different harmless wallpaper.
  3. If your phone has a Custom ROM installed or you have a rooted phone, you must be having a custom recovery app. Go in there and purge the wallpaper data to reset the wallpaper back to its default.
  4. If everything else fails, then there’s just one option to FACTORY RESET your phone from the bootloader. I hope you have everything backed up.

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