Canva vs Adobe Spark Post 2020

Creating designs can be challenging and unfortunately, it’s something most of us find ourselves having to do at some point. Fortunately, tools like Adobe Spark and Canva can help you put together a gorgeous design in seconds. Here we show you a full comparison of Canva vs Adobe Spark 2020.

These tools are designed for anyone to use and have all the powerful functionality you need to get the perfect design. Here we tell you more about Adobe Spark and Canva and decide which one is the right tool for you. 

Adobe Spark

From social media posts to advertisements to flyers, you can create amazing designs that will grab your viewer’s eyes with Adobe Spark. All without any graphic design experience whatsoever. Adobe Spark has thousands of templates for you to choose from. So all you have to do is drop your content in and go. You’ll have access to Adobe Stock photo library to choose an image that works for you and there are dozens of fonts for you to choose from. 

Canva vs Adobe Spark Post 2020


Canva is another tool that puts graphic design features at your fingertips. They have a Pre-Size template for ads, flyers, posts, web pages, invitations, and more. If they don’t have anything to suit your needs, you can always create a custom size project. You can also provide a wide stock photo library, tons of font options, and gorgeous templates for your perusal.

Canva vs Adobe Spark Post 2020

You can customize any template with drag and drop features and resize design elements at the touch of a button. You can also collaborate to create the best bridal shower menu or Facebook Ad that anyone has ever seen. 

Canva vs Adobe Spark

Comparing the features both Adobe Spark and Canva offer incredible design capabilities. Yet each has its own unique set of features and benefits and some similar options that you want to compare against each other. We’d like to take some time to go through some of these features. And what you’ll love about them for your business.


Both Canva and Adobe Spark offer amazing professionally designed templates. These come in all styles, color, schemes, sizes, and shapes than you can imagine some are customized for certain platforms and others are a one size fits all design. 

Adobe Spark fonts vs Canva fonts

Adobe Spark offers a variety of different fonts for you to choose from including the entire collection of Adobe fonts available to subscribers. You can also divide your text in the primary and secondary fonts that have entirely different styles. Canva provides a list of themes, fonts for you to choose from and paid users can even upload custom fonts if they like. 

Being able to choose the right picture is critical. You need something that will convey the emotion you want your viewers to get from the graphics as well as communicate the message of your design. 

Adobe Stock Photos

If you have an Adobe creative cloud subscription you have access to the full range of Adobe stock photos. Canva also has some solid image sourcing options that draw from free image sites and both options allow you to upload and style your own photos to fit your design needs. 

Resizing and Manipulation

Resizing and manipulation. Both Adobe Spark and Canva make it easy to manipulate your text and images as needed. Both the apps allow users to resize text by dragging the corner, this feature is much more flexible than changing font size numbers. You can resize and move images by dragging them around in the design space. You can even rotate certain elements of the design to fit in the space you need. 


Spark and Canva have amazing features that allow you to play around with the formatting. Adobe Spark has a smart image replace feature that will match your current formatting to any new image you drop it. You can even search for images that match your current template with a simply replace image option. But spark will also let you blur, crop or straighten your images all from within the app. 

Canva doesn’t have the automatic image replacement option but swapping images out it’s still a simple matter of drag and drop. Similar to many familiar windows drag and drop feature.

Apart from all of these both have different layout options that you can play within each template. Spark even auto-suggest some template that may work well for you. Once you pick a template in Spark, it will automatically fit your content into the new layout. Canva has a great feature that you can use to make a quick college but it doesn’t have the same fun like auto shifting features which is present in the Spark.

Folder organization 

Good folder organization is key to being able to find your content whenever you go back for it later. This is also important if you want to re-use images you’ve purchased for future designs. When you download content from Adobe Spark it goes into your private computer files. Which you can organize as you wish. But the free version of the Canva doesn’t come with any sort of file organization. But if you pay for the pro version you can create and arrange folders as needed in the app. 


Many times when you’re working with a graphic design tool for the company. You’re working with likes to make sure they get their advertisement on your work. Well, Canva doesn’t put any watermark on any of its export images. So you’ll just have the clean graphic you created. Spark does place a small watermark on some of its graphics. But you can also remove it. You have to click through Adobe’s advertisement after that watermark will get removed. 


Sometimes you may want to collaborate with someone on one of the graphics which are created. Canva makes collaborating on your designs simple. You can send a preview for someone to comment on or you can give that person full design power, all at the click of a button. Likewise, you can invite other people to view or edit your project all from within Adobe Spark Post’s app.

Download option 

Both Adobe Spark and Canva have you covered with different download options. Spark allows you to download design as a JPEG, PDF, or PNG file depending on what you need. Choosing which option you want is as simple as taking a box. When you start the download process Canva offers all the same options as well as a PDF print option that optimizes your file for print. 

Time management 

You’ve got a business to run. You can’t afford to spend hours working on a design. Which is probably why we turn to these tools in the first place. Your design tool needs to be able to keep pace with you. Not leave you waiting on the side. As long as you have a good internet connection can the edits are instantaneous in general Adobe Spark changes take a tiny bit longer to show up. Distillation is only less than 5 seconds. However, it shouldn’t disrupt your time management too much. 


Both Canva and Adobe Spark offers mobile apps for the platform. The camera app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, and Android Tablets. Spark covers the iOS suite of devices for years and then on 6/20/18 launched the beta of their Android app. 


Aside from all the features, the major factor in your decision between Canva and sparks will be the price. Canva has a free option that gives you limited functionality. But if you want access to all the bells whistles and images, you’ll need to pay $12.95 a month or about 120 Bucks a year. If you have an Adobe creative cloud license you may already have access to Spark without realizing. But, if you don’t have a license you’re looking at just $10 a month for the premium version that will give you access to everything. you can also use the free version that comes with a limited template and image options but still allows you to create designs from scratch. 

When it comes right down to it which design tool is the best for you. Canva has some fantastic features great ease of use and easy collaboration and sharing but in the end, we’ll have to recommend Adobe Spark to people looking to create beautiful effortless design Adobe Spark offers a little more functionality in power than Canva.

Apart from the premium prices, many interested customers may already have an Adobe creative cloud license and it’s hard to argue with the undisputed reputation. Adobe is built as the number one company for all design tools creating. Beautiful designs should be easy and with the right tool, it can be.

I feel the spark post is a powerful accessible tool that puts professional design skills in your hands no matter what is your level of training. Go, experience the out for yourself, and discover the beauty of a well-done design.

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