battery saver apps

Top 2 Best Battery Saver Apps And Tips For Advanced Battery Saving (Android).

Everyone at some point will end up searching for “Battery Saver” in Google Play store because of the annoying situation of excessive battery drain on your phone.  Almost 80% of the apps...

Twitter Starts Testing New Limit Reply Feature, Choose Who Replies You

About Twitter Twitter is one of the greatest social media platform actively used by most celebrities, politicians even our Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi is also highly active on Twitter. More reputed users...

Arogya Setu Got Hacked !!!!! By Ethical Hacker in Bengaluru

Arogya Setu application recently launched by National Informatics Center, Government of India just after the launch on 2nd April 2020 it became one of the most popular applications in India within...

WhatsApp integrates messenger rooms in it’s latest Android Beta Update.

WhatsApp android gets new beta update which integrates messenger rooms in it. Facebook launched its own video conferencing tool 'Messenger Rooms' last month in a move to compete with Zoom and other...

Facebook Acquires GIPHY For $400 Million; Joins Instagram.

On 15th May 2020, The American social media and technology giant Facebook reportedly acquired the online GIF database owner and search engine giant GIPHY for a reported price of $400 million.  http://imgur.com/a/EmWrcC6 Whenever...

Instagram Rolls Out New Features to prevent Internet Bullying

On Tuesday, May 12, 2020, Instagram rolled out an Anti-bullying focused safety update featuring many anti-online bullying updates which will help its users combat online bullying which they face in their...

Jitsi Meet – Another Rival For Zoom In The Market.

Looks like Zoom has another tough competition in the market named as Jitsi Meet. The video conferencing software has a lot of benefits over the existing other applications in the market...

Namaste – Is The Indian Video Conferencing App Safe?

After having many issues with the Zoom software, the Indian Govt. has finally decided to launch a web-based application named Namaste. The application is not only safe but ensures your meeting...
Google Debit Card

Google Debit Card Leaked: A Potential Rival For Apple Card.

Even though the entire world is in lockdown, Google seems to be determined to upgrade or rebrand its existing less popular applications and tools to make them better as TechCrunch leaked...

Google Chat – New Face Of Google Hangouts Chat?

Google has finally decided to rebrand its Google Hangouts Chat to simply Google Chat. Hangout was the older version launched earlier this decade and after various updations in the G Suite...