How to get Candy crush friends – pre-register

The next candy crush game is named as Candy Crush Friends and the pre-order starts from today. *Link is at the bottom ???

GTA 5 is free on Epic games store; Here’s how you can Grab It!

Yes, you read that right! GTA 5 Online Premium Edition free on Epic Games Store and you can have it included in your library for free. 

Xiaomi Announces New Survival Game like PUBG

Xiaomi announces an online battle royale mode called 'survival game' a multiplayer game which looks like PUBG.  Survival Game Details
Best PC Games

13 Best PC Games under 1GB RAM (2020)

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Call Of Duty: Legends Of War Mobile Beta Released On Android: APK And OBB...

Activision. Inc teamed up with Chinese mobile game developers Tencent and released the beta version of Call Of Duty: Legends Of War on Android in Australia last week.

Fortnite Introducing a New trap called Chiller

Fortnite which is one of the most popular and trending game in recent days. Battle royal game Fortnite season gives you a new...

Witcher 3 is rumored to go FREE on Epic Games store after GTA 5.

Witcher 3 is likely to come on Epic Games Store for a free giveaway by the marketplace after the giveaway of GTA 5. The Witcher 3:...

“Ghostbuster” The New Game Like “Pokemon Go”.

The new AR( Alternative Reality)  Ghostbuster game have been released and which replicates the gameplay of Pokemon GO. Like Pokemon GO the players can able to hunt the ghost in...

25 Best Games Under 20MB For Android [2020]

There are all sorts of games in the market right now which are demanding as well as require high end-devices. If you’re a budget device user, it can be...

Fortnite Mobile Is Now Available for Snapdragon 670 and 710

Fortnite is trending game in mobile and a big competitor for PUBG. Fortnite has more than 200 Million players in all Major Platform. For recent weeks PUBG has more...