Facebook Gaming App Launched Featured Streaming From Device

After the launch of Facebook gaming back in 2018, we finally have the official Facebook Gaming App for the users with new features on your smartphone. The company made...

How to get Candy crush friends – pre-register

The next candy crush game is named as Candy Crush Friends and the pre-order starts from today. *Link is at the bottom ???

PUBG- New Update 0.9.0 For Mobile

PUBG (PLAYERS UNKNOWN BATTLEGROUND) gives you a new update 0.9.0 on October 25 .this update will gives more features like Night Vision mode and Helloween theme and more.
best laptop brands in india

7 Best Laptop Brands In India [2020 Best Sellers🔥]

While deciding which brand to choose a laptop, we stumble upon multiple things in the market. Among the high competition of electronic devices in the market, choosing a laptop...

Fortnite Update Brings New Tournaments -Epic Games

Fortnite has seen its popularity growing across the world. To make this update interesting Epic Games introduction new tournaments to the...

18 Best Pc Games Under 3GB RAM, [2020]

Are you a gamer? Are you into PC Gaming? Are you looking for some best low specification games? Are you looking for Best PC games under 3gb RAM?

Xbox Series X Features Will Be Teased Every Month Until Launch

The Xbox Series X is probably the best product by Microsoft in the Gaming segment. The company plans to reveal some features on May 7th. This includes some of...

GTA 5 is free on Epic games store; Here’s how you can Grab It!

Yes, you read that right! GTA 5 Online Premium Edition free on Epic Games Store and you can have it included in your library for free. 

PUBG- Best Places TO Land In Vikendi Map

PUBG introduced their new map according to this snowy season which called vikendi map . Usually, for every season they are introducing new themes or map to represent the...

FIFA 19 -The Updates And Review

The FIFA 19 created new dimension ingredients to make memories.FIFA 19 available formats are Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch. The importance of...