With Apple starting to roll out iOS 12.1.1 to eligible device dozens of users are reporting a critical bug that they claim is wreaking havoc with the iPhone’s cellular data connection, leaving Wi-Fi as the only option for reliable internet connectivity According to some users, most of the apps are just not working on 4G networks anymore, although, some service especially ones from Google, seem to work just fine.

Most others, however, are reporting that no apps or services are working on 4G after the update. The bug apparently also affects users in India, with many pouring onto social media to complain that they can’t use their Jio connection(s) on their iPhone anymore after the update.


As usual apple tried giving the features and failed. Apple has faced more than ten issue in the performance of the phone after iOS 12. The major reason for the problem is wide availablity of OS. Apple pushed the update to most of its phones and platforms and that let apple to fouces less on built quality apps and system apps 

Stay tuned for more updates on this.

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