The concept of E-Learning is most probably the most common topic which is up for debate these days. Many of the leaders are figuring out how the youth is going to perform in the traditional ways of teaching. So, let’s have a look at this most Widely used topic and also check how can you benefit from it. 

What is E-Learning?

To be precise, the concept of utilizing the Internet or other electronic resources being outside the internet for Education is known as E-Learning. It is the most underrated method as considered by conventional classroom teachers. 

These are often termed as E-Education too amid the spread of COVID-19. The irony is where teachers used to say this technique is useless, well guess what, now they have no option but to make the best use of it. 

People still have some doubts as to what the basic aspects of online learning are, they still think it’s some offline recorded video which to delivered via the internet to the consumers. Joke’s on them as this method of learning can be as effective as you want if students have the will power to learn new things every day. 

Comparing it with traditional classrooms, let’s have a quick look at the benefits of the new method adopted by everyone right now.

E-Learning vs Conventional Education

First of all, I have no grudge against any teacher so please don’t take any of this personally. I am just stating the common facts I have collected from my school and college life. Teachers work hard and of course, they are more educated than me, it’s just the way of teaching that has a huge impact on how the students think of the particular subject. If you are can make a good subject boring to understand, its no good for the students, right?

  1. Easy to Access

If we have a look at the conventional method, you cannot have the access to visit your classroom late nights. You have to wait till morning and let your faculties visit the institution for you to contact them. Some of you might be thinking about why not contact via smartphones. Well, that comes in Online Education too.

Coming to E-Learning, you can take up the courses anytime and anywhere. Not only that, but you can also connect to millions of teachers available online throughout the world. Since time zone is not a barrier for all the countries, you can easily get any teacher any time you expect. There are thousands of educational forums available online that are more than happy to help you out. People are willing to help you out more than you think. 

  1. Time Freedom

Traditional Method requires you to wake up early and follow the same routine which you curse every day. There’s no harm in waking up early but some minds require time to set up themselves to learn. This is a major drawback where you have to learn in the time limit or can be called “pulling others back” in front of everyone. 

E-Learning has this advantage where you can work at a time you choose and get the knowledge whenever you want to. To be honest, online competition is too much and not everyone can survive in the online market without a proper set of skills. And people often think traditional competition is difficult. If you wake up in the afternoon or late evening, you can still have a look at the lectures from the educators. 

  1. Variety to Choose

Unlike your classrooms, you can choose to be educated from the top faculties from all over the world who have dedicated courses on multiple sites from which you can choose to opt from. The feeling of facing the teacher you don’t like is out from here. 

Source : Udemy

Also, you have the option to choose from teachers all over the world which gives an additional benefit over the conventional education methodology.

  1. Interactive Classes

This is an additional benefit you get from both the methods which people used to neglect earlier. But there are advanced software’s available in the market for free of cost to help support E-Learning without lacking the technical aspects.


To be honest this is better than traditional classes as the students who really want to get the best out of education. The host of the video meeting can mute all the participants, unlike conventional education where the faculties spend most of the time maintaining discipline in the class. The participants get an option in some software to raise their hands for doubt after which the hosts unmute them to solve their problems.

  1. Repeat

When your lecture is over in your classrooms, sometimes your mind just won’t get a particular topic for a couple of days and if you go to the teacher asking the same thing to repeat, they will neglect it. 

E-Learning not only lets you take online lectures, but you get the option to record the lectures or view the pre-recorded ones as many times u want. There is no bound and you can clear your doubts anytime you want. 

Comparative Study

The advantages of E-Learning are not only limited to feasibility. There are psychological benefits to it. According to research led by Archana Chaudhary, there are vast changes in E-Learning not only for the students but for the researches and teachers as well. 

Books can sometimes be a limited resource for a particular topic. Although they have never-ending knowledge, still sometimes it can be hard for people to gain knowledge from just other people. People can look upon the Internet anytime to access all the information available being it for their research or for completing an assigned task.

Conceptual Understanding 

The graph below shows the difference in understanding a particular concept by different types of people looking for information. 


Now teaching someone something is good. But how about gaining more than just the solution? That’s what E-Learning offers. There are so many varieties available rather than a single solution to your problem. This benefit is my personal favorite as you not only gain access to the solution but you get to know other options you can solve it with. 

When it comes to the traditional method of teaching, you will just get the same repeated answer to the problem unless the teacher is very experienced. 

Actual Learning

When we have a quick look at the graph of how people actually learn, we can see a difference here. Considering E-Learning, students who are really focused on developing their careers, they will benefit from both but the discipline in virtual classrooms can be maintained easily. 


In conventional education methods, half of the students get bored and spend the rest of the lecture daydreaming which is a waste of their time and money. There are days your mind is not up for it and you can adjust that if you have opted for Online Education. 

Don’t trust our words, trust the research done by people in various places, and their results. Here’s a graph of people who gave good feedback about opting for E-Learning instead of Traditional Education.


If you decided to change your mind, let’s have a look at some of the top platforms you can utilize to get the best of yourself. All these platforms have basic requirements: 

  1. A working Computer/Laptop
  2. An Internet Connection
  3. Fees(Nominal price for some sites)

Last and most important, Dedication to Learn!!


Yes, you read it right. Youtube is by far the best platform to learn anything for free. You literally get thousands of videos on a particular topic. Not only that, even if you are stuck at something, but there are also videos available to solve that particular problem too. Since you are not the one who may be facing the problem and some might have found the solution. 


From coding to finance, anything you want to learn and get expert at, you can watch on youtube. You just have to find the right one for yourself and you’re good to go. 

Khan Academy

This is one of the most popular and most searched online. Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that aims to provide the best classroom experience and education to the students. 


Not only for students, but it also provides a source of education for adults too. You insights onto important topics in life like entrepreneurship and leadership. Also if you’re a teacher, you get options to create tests, quizzes for students to keep them entertained throughout the course. Having an option to track your student progress you can manage them for the best results possible. 


A platform that charges a minimal fee of 420 Rs for worldwide courses. You can get this offer every couple of days. The quality of each and every faculty is top-notch and you get a money-back guarantee too. So, if you don’t like the particular coach your learning from, you can easily opt for another one. 

Like youtube, they too have a variety to choose from. The courses vary from different topics and unlike traditional classroom faculties, you get paid from each and every student. There are thousands of people who have paid for a particular course and there are some known people in the Industry now who started their teaching career on Udemy and are running multiple courses and forums on the website. E-Learning has a lot of opportunities for everyone in the market.


This Organization has a different concept of education. You can learn everything for free but it comes with a price tag later on. If you want to show your authenticity of completing the particular course, you need a certificate or a degree. Coursera charges for providing you a degree. If you are skilled enough to get a good job after completing the course, you can go for the premium certificate without any hesitation. 


Another advantage of Coursera premium is the assignments. You need to know how much progress you’re making while learning a particular subject. The graded assignments provide you with insights on how much you’ve learned till now. 

Not just this, Coursera has the main advantage over all of this that the provide the courses from the universities itself. So you get what curriculum the university is following and what can be expected later on. 


This site might be a little over your budget, but good knowledge doesn’t come for free right? If you are looking to advancing your skills in the world of Technology and your college degree isn’t enough, you can take a premium course from this site and advance yourself. 


They provide worldwide recognized degrees which can get you good jobs if you have worked hard in your field and course. 

Paying a high amount to colleges for education is not the best option when you can get better education for less price. E-Learning is not only about education but also about connecting. You get to meet people worldwide and get to know how they think instead of being in a box and never stepping outside. 

Comment below if you have other suggestions regarding out top sites list. A more in-depth post will come soon regarding these sites and how to make the best use of them.

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