easiest programming languages in the world

Do you want to become a programmer? Or are you looking to take your skills to the next level? Here we bring you the easiest programming languages in the world. Whether you’re a college student or a working professional, acing up your skillset never hurts and will always benefit you in the long run. 

If you have some doubts about these languages being hard, you don’t need to worry. This list was created while keeping in mind each and everyone in the industry, and whether you’re an amateur or a professional, some of these languages will definitely help you out. 

Keep mind that not every language can be started randomly. This might affect you and make you question your intellect, so proceed step by step through this guide. 

Programming can be challenging for various people and especially the ones trying it out as a beginner. People often tend to ask peers about what language, to begin with, their programming career. Due to lack of information, the newbies go into the pitfall of beginning with complicated languages like PHP and MySQL, which might not be an ideal choice. Hence to solve your problems, let’s divide it into various categories depending on the one you want to choose in the future. 

The Easiest Programming Languages in the World

The main question you want to ask yourself is, what is your goal? What is the reason behind learning any of the languages below? Why did you click on this post, to begin with? When it comes to coding or programming, there are multiple fields you should know about. The first one being Web Development, which you can say is the initial phase of a coder. 

Not following up with the education pattern, which contradicts my point about starting with a language as primary as HTML. 

While some of your schools might have taught you the basics, you still do not know everything about the particular language or even how to proceed further and build a career out of it. 

Without wasting much of your time, let’s start with the most basic language, i.e., HTML.

HTML(Hyper-Text Markup Language)

If you’ve ever thought about building awesome websites and show off everywhere, this is the language, to begin with. While we all know WordPress has taken over the Web-Development industry, HTML is the foundation if you want to go all in to make a website.

HTML is the basis of it all. If you want to start building websites, you need to understand the basic division tags and need to know how they work. The code can be a hassle in the beginning, but you can use an editor like Sublime, which is quite useful. 

easiest programming languages - html

Note: This guide will include some of the best software in the market, which is suggested for beginners. As for advanced people, you already know what you’re getting into. 

This language has the most basic syntax, which can be understood by a 5th grader. You don’t need to have very high logical skills or IQ to practice HTML. Anyone with basic keyboard skills can initially begin HTML without any issues. One of the best places to learn HTML is W3Schools, which is personally tested and is a lot useful in all the aspects of HTML.


This is an upgraded version of HTML, which is much more advanced and has excellent features as compared to the traditional language. You can be more flexible in HTML 5 with many new features to make your codes easier and simplified. 

This language is a foundation of programming, which is why many schools have a separate subject to teach HTML. If you’re the unfortunate one, you can quickly go to the website above to get your basics clear about the language. 

CSS(Cascading Style Sheets)

While HTML may be the building block of a developer, CSS is what makes the website look attractive and appealing. HTML, by default, has many options that can be used to customize your website, but it doesn’t give you the flexibility and the freedom to do so. You have limited choices, and re-editing the codes is tough.

easiest programming languages - css

Beginning with CSS which gives you unlimited opportunities and areas to work on. You can define classes and edit any part of your website easily. Another limitation of HTML is responsiveness. You can make your website attractive through HTML, but you cannot make it mobile friendly as the language doesn’t support it. CSS covers this aspect and gives you lots of room to work with.

For the WordPress experts that wandered here, there are many areas of interest you might know about. First and the most important is that even WordPress has an option to insert additional codes in the text or the theme you’re using. All you need to do it click on customize and select “Additional text” from the left panel.

CSS is like the colors to your art, which was created on HTML. You cannot display your website without making it attractive and professional. There are endless possibilities of CSS that you can work on, which includes 2D and 3D transformations

Interesting right? Well, the language itself is quite simple to learn and implement. Once you’re an expert, the sky’s the limit. W3Schools is the best site to learn CSS, and they have covered each and every section of the language.


Writing the basics of website design and adding some engaging headlines is well and good, but what about the functions? How can you make it more eye-catchy and add more functions? Here comes the master of all JavaScript. Yes. It is different than the regular Java language, and JavaScript is a web-based language. 

easiest programming languages - javascript

All of the three languages, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, combined to form the front-end of the website. Front-end is what the user looks and interacts on the website. A website with appealing front-end is as important as a website with proper back-end support

There are many frameworks when it comes to JavaScript, which is customizable and created to benefit you while designing your website. 

Some of the popular JS frameworks in the market are:

  • Angular JS
  • Node JS
  • React JS
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap

These names might look fancy, but it’s not advised to start them without having the basic knowledge of JavaScript. 

You can create useful APIs for your work through JavaScript, which can make your life easier, although you can access some of the popular open-source API in the marker for use. Either way, you should always start from the basics without digging deeper into the language. Again W3Schools is the way to go. 

Completing the designing part of the website with these three languages, let’s move on to the development part, which is taken care of by PHP.


Well, You have created an awesome website with the latest design website that can attract your customers/users, but what about the server-side? How can you manage it without knowing the world’s biggest server-side language, which is known as PHP.

PHP is a server-side language that handles what goes on behind the website. For example, you have a library management website. How will you manage the user database of entering and accessing the information that a user enters or when logins into your system? PHP does all the required work. Surprisingly the WordPress backend runs on PHP too. Not only this, but the biggest social media platform, Facebook runs on PHP.

easiest programming languages  - php

This language has a massive demand in the market right now, with companies looking for expert developers to handle their servers. Not only it manages your database, but it can also encrypt the information in your database, which helps to secure customer credentials. This comes in handy when there’s a database breach in the server. 

It is a free language that can support multiple platforms and servers, making it feasible for everyone with no limitation. But Remember, Learn the three primary languages above to proceed with PHP.

Coming to learning sources, you can check W3Schools or any other platform you prefer. Youtube is another excellent platform. Just make sure the videos aren’t too old because things change!! The concept of E-Learning is in the market for quite some time now, and you can click the link above to check some of the best sources to learn.


Are you creating a specific database management system? You’re going to need more than PHP to fulfill your needs. To fetch all the data from the database, languages like MySQL were introduced in the market to make the life of developers easier. With this language, everything can be achieved in a server that you’re looking for. 

easiest programming languages - mysql

You can Fetch, Enter, Modify, and Delete your data using MySQL. Of course, the requirements are you need to know other languages like PHP. 

The best source for beginners would be W3Schools and then move forward to some other source for advanced knowledge. 


With technology growing every day, people are switching more towards Web Apps, and companies are developing more Web-based apps to make their tasks easier. This is because creating a web app is cost-efficient and helps them fetch the data from servers easily instead of creating a whole new application with a new server. 

easiest programming languages - ruby

Ruby is one of the best languages when it comes to developing such apps. You can easily create high-end Web Apps wight Ruby, and there are many frameworks to support it. One of the most popular frameworks of this language is Ruby on Rails, which is a development framework. 

One of the most important questions is, how does it work? Ruby is applied on the back-end of a server similar to PHP and Python. It is one of the elements of a web developer while working on the back-end of a website. You can easily create complicated web apps using Ruby for a company, and ROR is still in demand in 2020

Is it good for you in 2020? This language is quite powerful and underrated by people and companies. If you can become an expert on Ruby, you can easily sell your skills in the market. This is because the language is quite easy to learn without any issues, but make sure you have your basics clear. For learning, you can take any course on Udemy or Tutorials Point. 


Coming to the industry requirements, we have C and C++. While these languages are the basics of your programming career, they have less application in the actual industry now. Java has taken over the industry for decades now. The education system still teaches the basic languages to clear the concepts of programming languages for the youth since the beginning. 

easiest programming languages - c++

Now about the actual languages, C++ is an upgrade over traditional C. While C follows the procedural programming language pattern, C++ follows the  OOP(Object Oriented Programming) pattern, which covers all the aspects of OOP, including encapsulation, polymorphism, etc.

C is the most common language which is still used to program some of the most basic devices that exist around us. There are multiple types of the database you can create using C although there is no point in working with procedural language when you have OOP languages like C++ and Java with us. But it won’t hurt to learn as it is one of the most basic languages for programming. 

If you are starting out your programming journey, C, followed by C++, is the way to go. Once thorough with the basics and you can create some good programs on your own, you can move on to the higher programming languages like Java and Python. As for learning, stick for the next two headings to know about the world’s best course to start your programming journey and advance your coding skills. 

You can learn C or C++ from one of the platforms mentioned here. Additionally, you can buy the most popular book for C by Yashawant Kanetkar from here


Java is the widely used industry programming language which is practiced in most of the IT industries in the world. Java has many advantages over C, with one of them being an OOP language. You can do everything you desire without any hassle, which can be a lengthy task in C language. Java is used by many professionals and is an excellent choice for a career option noting the fact that you’re an expert.

easiest programming languages - java

According to GitHub, in 2019, Java was one of the most popular programming languages in the world, with over 9 million developers worldwide. Being a high-level language has its perks over low-level and procedural languages. You have a lot of options and freedom when it comes to OOP languages

While OOP languages are useful, they have their drawbacks too. You should know everything about the language before you’re getting into it. Since it is a high-level language, it is slower than C and takes more time to compile and show the output. Also, it takes up more memory in the system, which might cause a little problem for you

You can check sources like Youtube and Udemy to learn the basic of Java and implement accordingly. Share with us any awesome codes you create in the comment below. 


Python is the fastest-growing language in the world, which is believed to soon takeover Java in the IT industry. While some companies stick to Java as their fundamental language, some want to advance and go into multiple fields to scale their products and technology for helping people worldwide.

easiest programming languages - python

Forget about any other company Python is the official language at Google alongside C++ and Java. Yes, fundamentals are essential, and they come in handy sometimes. 

Python is widely applied in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The freedom it provides to all the coders is endless. You can create complex content in Python within a short span of time, which would take a lot of effort in other languages like Java and C/C++. Unlike Java, there is no need to declare your variables in Python, which can save you a lot of time while writing long pieces of code. 

AI & Machine Learning is taking over the world. Python has huge demand in the market when it comes to programming and coding, and you can easily make a living out of it. 

Never forget your basics and master them before moving on to this language. While it may be an easy language to learn, the deeper you go, the complicated it becomes. You need to have strong logical power to compete with other developers in Python.

You can check W3Schools to learn the basics or advanced of these languages. But if you want a proper course, the best recommendation would be CS50 from Harvard. It is free of cost course, but you can pay for the official certificate to show in the resume. It is created by David J. Malan, who has revolutionized the E-learning industry with this course. This course has helped thousands of students excel in the field of coding, where they start from the basics and make you an expert. 

Here is a link you can check to signup for the course. 

Let’s move on to other languages we have listed for you. 


This language was created at Google by the shared hate of language C. GO functions similarly as C but is much better than the original language. To be honest, we never tried working in GO, but the results are quite good from the developer community. You can ditch the C language you’re using right now and switch over to GO for additional benefits. 

easiest programming languages - go

The main advantage GO has over C language is the simplicity. While the functions are almost similar, this new language gives you more freedom and ease while creating long codes. To our surprise, some of the most popular companies have used GO in their algorithms. These include Cloudflare, Uber, SoundCloud, and the biggest streaming platform, Twitch

You can have a look at how the code for some of the basic programs looks like on the official site by clicking here

We noted some significant changes which might help you while coding in GO rather than C or C++ for that matter. If you already have your hands on C or other languages, you do not require any source. You can start experimenting and become an expert to create some good projects. 


R Project consists of R Language and Environment, which was designed by Bell Laboratories using C, Fortran, and R itself. This language is widely used for developing statistical software and data analysis. The developers themselves are data miners and statisticians.

easiest programming languages - r

The language is free to use and comes under the GNU General Public Licence and is available on various platforms, including UNIX, Windows, and Mac.

As a beginner, you can check Code Academy or Coursera for the best material regarding this language.


Bored of Java and Android Development? Switch over to Swift to develop iOS-based applications. Yes, this is the only language that lets you develop iOS web apps. Developed by Apple itself, this tool is a must-try for all the developers who are looking to start something new in the market.

easiest programming languages - swift

Looking at the user base Apple has, any developer or a newbie can switch to Swift without thinking twice about the careers it offers you. Developers always look for Android as their main priority but forget that there is a better and quality market out there. 

Swift is easier to learn and write when compared to C. iOS Apps can be developed in no time using Swift, which requires fewer codes to start with.

One of the biggest advantages of Swift is being a Full-Stack language. Kitura is a framework of Swift which allows you to write codes for both front-end and back-end to making the language usable for every developer. There are many other frameworks available in Swift, which can help you develop other web apps or cloud-based services. Other popular frameworks in Swift are Tailor and Vapor

Swift comes in one of the easiest programming languages category, and you can use the XCode editor to practice the language. You can learn the basics on sites like Code Academy and Tutorials Point and then apply your brain to become an expert. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the easiest Programming language to learn as a beginner?

If you want to start in Web Development, you can start with HTML and CSS, whereas if you want to go into software engineering, you should start with C/C++ as these are the foundation languages of every programmer. 

Should I learn Java or Python?

If you’re an absolute beginner, you should start with Python. It gives you insights into how programs work and how you can implement what you think in your codes. If you directly move on to Python, it would be very difficult to perform complicated tasks unless you know what you’re doing. 

Is C++ the hardest programming language?

No, C++ is the most basic language for beginners. It helps you build your basics for the complicated languages that you will start in the future. C++ is the perfect language for newbies looking to start programming. 

Is Python worth learning in 2020?

Yes, Python has grown a lot since the past couple of years, with an increase in Machine Learning and AI in all the industries. Choosing Python as a career would be perfect in 2020 as many companies are looking to switch over to the language, which means the demand for developers will rise. 

Is Java a dying language?

Yes, it is partially correct. With Python growing in the Industry, Java is only used by people who want to stick to their basics. Python has many advantages over Java and one of them being freedom which can be a huge asset while writing long pieces of code. But again, Java shouldn’t be ignored by beginners or youth who are just starting out programming.

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