This fabulous app review is not a promotion and based on personal experience

Everyone experiences some trauma in their life being personally or professionally related. Ignoring the trauma, some of you might not be happy with your lifestyle choices. Personally, my lifestyle choices were somewhat irregular because of how I like to do things. 

After trying out a couple of applications, I came across this amazing app which has changed some parts of my life. Well, I still wake up late and sleep late (This was probably written at late night) but some of the choices I make are different and have helped me become healthier. 

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Being a regular smartphone user and having all those irregularities in my lifestyle led me towards headache and whatnot but this Fabulous app has helped me track a lot of things which were not provided in any other app out there. Before wasting any more of you’re time, let’s see what the hype is all about. In this fabulous app review, I’ve tried to cover everything about the app and at the end some of the points I noticed in the app.

What is Fabulous?

Fabulous is an application designed to help you track yourself and your routine. Not only this, but it also helps you get better every day by changing some things in your lifestyle. The concept of the application and its working revolves around ‘Journeys’. Basically, the app creates some stages and changes you need to follow every day in order to achieve the best results possible. 

The free version of the application has a lot of benefits starting from making the best out of your morning time. Just as you wake up, it reminds you to drink a glass of water every day. Moreover, you can set a reminder to keep a bottle beside your bed before you go to sleep. 

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This is just the tip of the iceberg. You can choose from various methods to improve yourself and the best thing about all this is, you can customize all the plans. You can set the goals according to your needs and plan everything as you see fit. 

First of all, hats off to the developers because their hard work is literally visible in the application. From the design and UI to the functioning of the app, it works like a charm. I have suggested this application to many of my friends and relatives. The first thing they complimented was how the application looks and feels. The designers and developers have done a wonderful job in creating the app and this is the reason the App has more than 5 Million downloads on the Play store. 

The soothing sounds when you open the app first time and how you’re greeted by the built-in voice module in the Application just lets you know you’re on the right path. If you’re looking for a major change in life, this is probably not it but smaller changes in life can have a good impact on your attitude

Fabulous App Review

If you think the application will help you solve all your problems, not really but it can solve your ‘self-problems’. These are things you might be struggling from in life and need a proper change. These changes can only happen if you’re willing to stick to a routine and follow it. Here’s a fabulous app review with some pros and cons about the application.


As I said, starting with the UI, the app is everything you need with some minor limitations. The multiple modes and whatnot to engage you every day with new tasks and help you make better lifestyle choices. 

1. Discussion Room

This feature was not introduced until 2019 where you can create tags and ask people about the various exercises available for your benefits. Until then, it was just the prebuilt settings in the application that could be customized and followed. 

The discussion area has a feel of Facebook with people posting their problems or solutions for every user out there. If you’re looking for something you didn’t find in the application, you can definitely ask the big community of ‘Fabulous’ people out there

2. Reminders

Probably one of the best things about the application is the reminders it sends out every day. This helps you out even when you forget sometimes and it sends you good quotes and music to put you back to focus once again. 

3. Challenges

The vast challenges in the application make you compete with yourself on the ladder of self-improvement. You can choose from many challenges for improving knowledge by reading books, health by doing yoga, fitness by exercise or diet changing, productivity by time management, and many other available in the application. 


Challenges give you a competition against yourself so you can bring out the best version of yourself. And all this can be done with the help of an application. 

4. Make Me Fabulous

You can click on the shoot button and click on ‘Make Me Fabulous’ to get many options to choose from. You can see what are the Exercises available, different meditations, yoga exercises, power naps. All these options come pre-downloaded with the app to increase your productivity


Not only this, but you are also guided by the voice assistant in the app which is non-controllable and defaults in the app. Apart from this, the audio in all the tasks example in power naps are designed to fulfill the purpose. If you’re looking to have a 10-minute power nap, the app has well-designed audio to help you sleep for 10 minutes and wake you with a silent alarm to help in your work throughout the day.


The homepage is possibly the worst thing about the application. It is loaded with so many tiles and journeys that keeps updating every day. Being a designer myself I know how people like their applications so the updates of the application should focus on making the homepage more user friendly. The design is good and what it should be but it’s overloaded with so many tiles that a user might get confused between them

When you don’t complete a task, it will still pop up the next day for you to tick it off which is quite irritating since you haven’t done it. Other noticeable things in the application were the premium content. Until I bought the premium, there were so many popups in the app it frustrating having to remove them again and again. This app review is not made for hurting the sentiments of anyone and only for the sole purpose of stating the facts about the app.  

Fabulous Premium

While there are some benefits of buying the premium, it has some setbacks too. Some of the routines in the app might match your daily followups but some will just not be according to you. Rest other options that were available in the premium upgrade were good. Considering the people who like to work out and do other stuff, have more options to choose from in the premium version of the application. 

The Premium of Fabulous is available for 250 INR per month when you subscribe to the yearly plan.
A single month plan would cost you 950 INR

Other Disadvantages 

  1. One of the problems in the sleep routines is you need to check the device and turn it off before going to sleep. People don’t like to touch electronic devices before bed and this might interfere with doing that. While it’s suggested not to have your devices 30 minutes before sleeping, Fabulous needs to be checked and you need to tick all the routines to make sure they’re done before the bed
  2. Another setback in a healthy routine was not eating junk food. While this is a good thing but the method App follows is not quite good. The app asks you to throw away or waste the food you currently have in the kitchen. And the diet plan in the premium content just thinks that everyone has that kind of food source available with them. One of the concerning factors the app considers is weight loss as a part of the Healthy Eating routine. While it may be a factor for many people, some people just like to keep their mind and body healthy by eating healthy instead of losing weight
  3. All this is still fine if there was an option to track the food you eat exactly in each proportion. If the app is trying to make you healthier by losing weight, this is an ideal option there should be. Otherwise, the rest of the options like sleep and time tracking are good and will give you the best results. 

Final Verdict – Is fabulous app good?

Everyone follows different patterns and the app should give a choice to each of the users and help him decide what to do. All the app does it work like schools and colleges. At least that’s what I feel. Here are some points concluded from my personal usage of the app. 

  • The design and Everything is quite good. You’re not going to be disappointed by that.
  • The developers have considered the same plans for everyone. All human beings function differently. 
  • Not everyone can prepare and do things in a similar way. If you’re asking for money, you need to prepare differently for everyone. 
  • Avoid using the premium unless you’re a fitness freak and need some extra tasks to go on

While all this was experienced by me, it can be different for you and you can actually find it useful. The application has helped a lot of people whom I have recommended including me. I work and do things differently maybe that’s why I encountered these issues. 

There’s no problem in giving some time out of your life for self-improvement. This fabulous app review was to help you know some insights about the app that might be useful for you. You can’t be the judge of anything before you’ve tried it yourself. The application is available on both Android and iOS devices. The links to both the platforms will be down below. 

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