On 15th May 2020, The American social media and technology giant Facebook reportedly acquired the online GIF database owner and search engine giant GIPHY for a reported price of $400 million. 

Whenever the GIF comes to your mind, we’re sure you must be thinking about GIPHY. GIPHY is the extensively used GIF sharing website worldwide. 

GIPHY allows users to search and share short looping videos with no sound, which resemble animated GIF files. GIPHY was founded in February 2013 and has been gaining momentum ever since. 

The talks about the deal reportedly started before the pandemic where they discussed engaging in ‘partnership’. But now, as we know it, GIPHY was acquired by Facebook. 

Facebook had already integrated GIPHY’s API in all of its platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram for providing its users with the best GIF sharing content. According to Facebook, 50% of all GIPHY’s traffic comes from Facebook’s family of apps, and half of this 50% comes from Instagram alone itself. 

GIPHY will be a part of Facebook’s Instagram team under a goal to make it even simpler to share and GIFs and stickers in direct messages and stories. Facebook’s VP of Product Vishal Shah in a blog post said ” By bringing Instagram and GIPHY together, we can make it easier for people to find the perfect GIFs and stickers in Stories and Direct. Both our services are big supporters of the creator and artist community, and that will continue. Together, we can make it easier for anyone to create and share their work with the world.” 


It also mentioned that GIPHY will continue to work as it was before. GIPHY will continue to operate its Global Library. People will be able to create and post amazing GIFs as always. All the developers and websites utilizing GIPHY’s API will have similar access to it’s APIs and databases. 

‘Facebook is likely looking forward to investing more in GIPHY’s technology and its relationship with the API and content partners’ the post said.

Although, many services other than Facebook’s such as Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Slack, Tik Tok, Snapchat, Bumble, and many more are currently relying on GIPHY’s API for providing GIF content on their apps and websites. Even though Facebook announced that these services can still depend on GIPHY for now but there sure is an atmosphere of tension as some of the companies directly compete with Facebook. 

After the election of the news, many people took to Twitter expressing concern regarding the privacy of users considering Facebook’s past record. Within hours, GIPHY’s head of content was available on Twitter, dissipating rumors and clarifying that it won’t collect information specific to individual people by using GIPHY’s API but will collect valuable data pertaining usage patterns across the web. 

In the coming time, we can expect a much more variety of quality content on Facebook’s platforms which can be available only on specific platforms. 

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