After the launch of Facebook gaming back in 2018, we finally have the official Facebook Gaming App for the users with new features on your smartphone. The company made the launch official today on Android Initially. 

The ESports industry is one of the fastest-growing industries ever with multiple options of streaming or competing globally. There have been a lot of advancements in games and software allowing the players to increase their potential and grow in the competition.


We have seen various streaming platforms like Twitch and Youtube supporting all the gamers and streamers. These platforms have led to the growth of many good players who have participated in various competitions and attained the level they wanted. These platforms are at the top of their game now since they provide the best options for all the performers.

Facebook entered the gaming title in 2018 with options like streaming and viewing the streams. There has been a steady growth of the industry but some streamers switched from other platforms to the Facebook Gaming platform. In addition to this, Facebook has now come up with a Facebook Gaming App. 


This app is dedicated to all the streamers and gamers looking for a more premium experience on smartphones. The app features a direct streaming option from your device with optimizations and adjusted UI. Now you can set up your streams hasslefree directly with one touch of a button from the App. The unique ability of the app to let the players directly stream from their device is what separates the platform from Twitch which requires proper setup when streaming from your mobile phones. 

Apart from this, you can access the gaming content and groups directly on the Facebook Gaming App without having to look at the other posts which you want to get rid of. All of the posts can be interacted with and shared among your friends. People can like and comment on whatever you are posting on being it’s related to gaming.


While setting up the app, you can choose your favorite games and streamers. These will be available in your recommendations to watch later. A section is dedicated to watching your personalized streamers and games so that you don’t miss an update when they go live.

Another visible feature is that you can play games directly from the app without downloading them in your device. Some of the popular games like 8 Ball Pool, UNO and various other games are available in the Facebook Gaming App.


The app is simple to use all it needs is downloading from the play store and logging in with your Facebook account. What you want to do in the app is totally upon you whether you want to stream or just enjoy watching your streamers. 

Currently, the app is only available for the android users and we should witness the launch for IOS devices soon.  

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