Nearly 30 million users of Facebook got hacked and their information has been leaked. Personal information of Facebook users like phone number, Facebook searches, E-mail address, location history, devices that people used to login are completely stolen by the hackers.

Some how hackers got into the accounts of the user and loot their information. Facebook originally estimated that 50 Million accounts could have been affected by the attack but the company was hiding the truth.

Exactly what hackers took?

For 14 million people – The hackers stolen some of the personal information such as last 10 places that Facebook users checked into, their current city and there 15 most recent searches.

For the other 15 million people- Hackers accessed name and contact details, according to Facebook.

People who didn’t affected – Hackers didn’t take any information from about 1 millon people.

Any money loss?

Facebook Facebook officially confirmed that the hackers did not gain access to financial information, such as bedit card numbers.

Facebook didn’t reveal the reason for the attack but they said it had no reasons to believe the attack was related to the November election.

Is your account got hacked?

If you are a Facebook user, you can check if your account was stolen by visiting the company’s help center.

Click here to visit the help center

Click the above link and go down. Ask a question like”Is my account impacted by this issue?” And you will get to know whether your account impact by this security issue.

Facebook has more than 2 billion regular users all over the world. This year Facebook has faced so many criticism that the personal information of the users are not protected in the right manner.

Facebook fixed their bugs soon and alerted uses on September 28. Accounts of 15 Million users had been compromised.

Facebook started recognising their mistake, realising what went wrong and who will be responsible for the attack.

In a recent report on Friday, Facebook declined to answer who may be responsible for the attack or how the information could be used

FB engineers are working with FBI on the hack. SBI officials have asked Facebook not to share the details on the suspected identities of The Attacks.

Recent updated

“we now know that fewer people that impact than we originally thought,” said by Facebook vice president of product management Guy Rosen said in an online post.

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