The first love for a tech-savvy is fast internet speed. How about the fastest Internet speed that will get you thousands of movies in seconds? Yes, the researchers in Australia have done it and have come up with a speed no one would’ve thought of.

The hype is all about the 44.2 Tbps of speed that has been developed by some of the researchers of Monash Swinburne and RMIT in Australia. It was published in the Nature Communication Journal on May 22 telling us in detail about how it was made possible. 

Is it possible?

Apparently, according to the development, it’s possible. Not getting into much deeper and make it boring, it used an optical device known as “microcomb” which replaces the 80 lasers present in the telecom equipment these days. What this chip does is replace the 80 laser nodes in the optic fiber cable and acts like a splitter dividing existing optic fiber cable into channels and increasing the internet exponentially.

How much increase in Speed?

As mentioned above, the speed was somewhere around 44.5Tbps which a million times faster than the regular American internet speed of 50 Mbps. For some of you wondering how fast is it in terms of downloading? Well imagine this, you download a movie of avg size 1GB in 4-5 minutes. 

Now Imagine, 5000 movies in 1 Second. Yes, you read it right. The speed is insanely fast according to the researchers and you’re never getting bored soon. 

Costing and Availability

For those of you wondering the price of the internet, it’s not even out yet. It’s just tested somewhere and showed good results. There will be a whole process before it gets out for the users and people, it will not be cheap. Mark my words it will drain your pockets. 

Coming to another point about how are they gonna install the new internet, does this speed require new internet lines throughout the world? Well, no the technology can be implemented on the existing optic fibers throughout the world so there won’t be much cost in the upgradation of the new technology. 

Don’t hope for it to come right now in the market it could take a while and it might not fit in your budget. While it may affect other companies and force them to give more high-speed data to users, operators will be hit by this.

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