EA Sports steps further into the FIFA 19 season, using this space to address to do some changes in the game and fixe the issues that are taking place post-launch. This patch note is mainly updated to solve the issues in the gameplay. Some of the key changes in this title update, which is now available for all PC players, and it is slated to arrive on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the near future.

Gameplay Changes

For the Gameplay,  4 areas are focused on the title update
*Dynamic Tactics,
*Jumping volley kicks
*Goalkeepers and
*Goal kicks.
Dynamic Tactics
To allow for more control over your dynamic tactics during a match, it is now possible to make changes to your game plans, from the Pause menu, during a match. This will allow for even more control over your tactics during a match and provide greater ability to respond to the tactics of your opponent. In addition, when you swap players while on the balanced game plan, those swaps, where possible, will now be applied automatically to your other game plans.

Jumping volley kicks
Jumping volley kicks, such as bicycle kick or scissor kicks, happening too often, sometimes in unrealistic situations, and that they were too accurate. They have fixed a couple of issues that were causing these kicks to happen too often, and they have also made a change to bring the likelihood of successfully executing one of these kicks more in-line to what would be seen on a real football pitch.

Goalkeepers are not behaving as expected, and have made fixes to these issues. Direct from the patch notes, from both the gameplay and visual sections, here are the issues that were fixed

Rarely, keepers were not picking up the ball when it was close to them.
Rarely, keepers were trapping the ball outside of the box, despite an attacking player being near them, instead of clearing the ball.

Rarely, when the keeper was rushing out of the net, players were unable to take control of him using the ‘Move Keeper’ controls.

After positioning your keeper with ‘Move Keeper’ controls, the keeper would dive out of the way of the incoming shot.
Rarely, keepers were not picking up the ball after knocking it down with a tip down save.
Rarely, keepers, after making a save, would warp into the net.

When the keeper was making a save close to the 18-yard line or the byline, they would perform a slow animation while getting up when it was not appropriate.

The keeper would start to dive in one direction to make a save, and would instead animate as diving in the other direction.

Goal kicks.
Some problems with goal kicks, specifically that it was possible to use goal kicks to generate an unrealistic goal scoring opportunity in game modes where a human player was controlling both the goalkeeper and an attacking player, such as in FIFA Pro Clubs. To correct this, They have resolved an issue where defenders were not reacting properly to an attacking player running behind the defensive line, and an issue where the ball was travelling too fast off a goal kick when the target of the kick was very far down the field.

Pre-Title Update

Notice on the mini-map how the attacker is positioned after the defending line and that the defenders aren’t reacting to his presence.

Post-Title Update

Notice on the mini-map how the attacker is positioned after the defending line, but the defenders are able to react as soon as the goal kick is taken



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