Fortnite which is one of the most popular and trending game in recent days. Battle royal game Fortnite season gives you a new trap update called ‘ CHILLER’.Even though many updates were introduced this update gives an interesting gameplay for the players.


The new trap ‘chiller’ available in common loot and in stacks of three. The new trap has a new effect called ice feet which reduces the friction and makes the enemies to allies slide on the ground. It can be set in a tricky way to kill enemies by setting it on floors, walls and ceiling too. Players can defend this trap by constructing a wall before the trap this technique not only saves the enemies but also the trap setter to get stuck into the trap by mistake.


Fortnite not only gives this update but also a new interesting update called ‘SHADOW STONE’. When this stone is consumed by the player it makes the player like a shadow (invisible) when not in motion. The can jump higher prone down and improves fall damage immunity but they can’t use any weapons when players using this effect. But this update is not currently available in the game due to bug issues.

Fortnite gives you an interesting partner called PET. You can carry a pet along with you in the game they guide you by showing the ways on the map and gives support according to the situation of the gameplay. The pet can be either in the form of a dog, chameleon or dragon. It can be unlocked by Battle pass

Future Updates in Fortnite 

Fornite gives you new seasons in the future for the players by updating new Impulse Grenade, Suppressed Submachine Gun, Light Machine Gun, Bounce, Remote Explosives Etc. And Epic Games also improving audio quality and background sound in the upcoming season.



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