We all know that Smartphones are getting better and better but talking about it’s features is far more interesting. Here we list out some of the most expected smartphone features in 2K18.


#1. Bezel-less Displays

In 2K18 the bezel-less have gone far. Earlier phone in flagship segment got 70% screen to body ratio. Some of the limited edition phones like xiaomi mi mix tried. Later when Samsung introduced Infinity display and Apple has take this to next level by introducing iPhone X an edge to edge display by giving a notch.

Apple also set a trend for notches side by side the trend for going bezel less. Now phones in the market easily getting 90% body to screen ratio. this means phone aren’t getting bigger actually that display is getting bigger.

In 2019, we can’t expect 100% bezel-less but we might get solution for better viewing by hiding the front facing camera and sensor under the display.

#2. Battery technology.

We already been using lithium Ion batteries. There also another technology called graphene battery. They are capable of storing more current and they are small in size.

There has be researches going on deeper into this technology already. But there is one company which is actually working on graphic batteries not for the smartphones but for cars.

Graphenano is the the company actually made that possible and said it has been and beta testing. The company clients are the graphic battery is takes less time to charge and has capacity to hold more electricity.

The greatest and cool feature is hope to speard in wireless technology also. Compared to lithium ion qi charging, this will be a lot faster. Hoping to see this technology in smartphones soon. Are you really like this feature?

#3. Security

In the earliest stages of smartphone we have used the 4 digit pin or pattern password now the things are moved far away. We have fingerprint scanner, in-display fingerprint scanner, Iris scanner, face ID and what more?

The future can take us to weather authentication methods. The disadvantage of biometrics authentication is the delay. you need to take a action like keeping your finger on fingerprint scanner or moving your face in front of the display.

But what is a phone can authenticate you if you are nearby or you just need to present near the phone that your phone identifies. This is possible with the technology called artificial intelligence.

Already many smartphone Industries started concentrating on this tech like, AI charging, AI display, AI camera, etc,. The future would be AI authentication. Diffusion of powerful Associates and Hardware will make it definitely possible.

#4. Flexible displays

Since 2011 we are being seen so many flexible displays videos on YouTube. But we have seen only post production models.

Phones like Galaxy flex, ZTE x which might launch in 2019 but those phones are not fixable but just got foldable display.

Phones with actual flexibility are not faraway. Many companies tried but failed to manage flexibility and durability at the same time.

Future of flexible devices are greater than what we think. Devices like flexible phones which can fit into hand as smart watches looks great.

These device’s display will never break accidentally as the display itself more flexible than being flat solid slabs.

#5. Input methods

So for the most used feature in the smartphone would be the keyboard. We always use keyboard to convey thoughts we want to say, we text and do more things through keyboard but usually our brain is more faster.

So the better solution to be discovered to convey thoughts. The speed of operating mobile devices and typing will move faraway. Something like if you allow your device to track you thought, it will type for you automatically in real-time.

Google now trying something like this. You can actually book appointments through your personal Google assistant.

The hardware to ready! Hisilicon a SoC manufacturer already stared making AI SOC. What will be the future?… Will smartphones be changing this world all the time it’s wait for it,…


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