Galaxy S10 3 Reasons to be excited about Samsung Galaxy S10. Let’s do this !


Many leaks shows how the samsung experience 10 gonna look like. One of the leak from XDA-DVELOPERS.COM shows new features from experience 10.

There is a new dark theme mode, which gonna look amazing on a Quad-HD Super Amoled display. This also saves battery. you will get rounded cards widgets all over.

This will look closer to what we have seen before on Google’s pixel phones.

This brings completely redesigned multi-tasking menu. you can also completely hide navigation bar and stick to gestures only. Which we look forward in 2K19.


This time samsung decided to showcase four different Galaxy phones at the launch event. According to XDA-DVELOPERS.COM.

This new galaxy phones have been registered in the name “BEYOND”.

There will be Beyond #0 model, Which will have flat display not with the curved on. This is just like iPhone XR. Like iPhone XR this is also be concentrated on budget side.

The next two models Beyond #2 and #3 will be the true successors of galaxy s9 and s9 plus.

the last one Beyond #4 will be sort of premium phone with Max feature. this model is also expected to have 5G modem.

5G will be 50X faster than current fastest 4G network. 5G also opens door for many new features.


Among all other rumours this looks slightly possible. Samsung has already made a phone with triple camera setup in it’s mid-range called galaxy A7 2018. Now it’s the time for flagships to have triple cameras.
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There are still many features that we left out like better processors, smoothly optimised skin, better protection. We mentioned top expected features down below.