So the Galaxy Note 10 isn’t the only new device that Samsung will launch in the next couple of months. The successor to the Galaxy Tab S4 will see the light of day as well. Unlike the Tab S4 which launched with the previous year’s flagship processor(SD835).

Don’t know why Samsung did this but for some reason, Samsung decided to equip the Tab S4 with Snapdragon 835 and Snapdragon 845 was already available. But thankfully that’s not going to happen with the Tab S5.

Processor and storage

The upcoming Galaxy tab S5 will be launching with the latest Snapdragon 855 processor. The tab has also been benchmarked which shows there will be 6GB of RAM at least and rumours say the base storage will be 128GB. Which is good I would say, tab with so many features will definitely demand more storage especially Samsung Dex.

Amoled display

Tab S-Pen

Of course, as you all already know that the Tab S5 will come with its own S-Pen stylus. Which will be included in the box itself. This Tab S-Pen won’t be like the one which come with Galaxy Note series smartphones. It will be larger in size.

Rumours suggest that the Tab S-Pen will have all the Galaxy Note 9’s S-Pen features like using Your S Pen as a Remote, for unlocking your phone or capture photos and videos when you tired of awkwardly holding your phone when taking selfies.

This time Samsung may also include the Tab S-Pen inside the tab itself. I mean just like what they do with the Note series smartphones. This rumor seems existing but it will not happen I guess. For a smartphone it’s okay but to bring it to the table it seems impossible. Let’s hope for the best. Anyway let me know your thoughts on the comments below.

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