The new AR( Alternative Reality)  Ghostbuster game have been released and which replicates the gameplay of Pokemon GO. Like Pokemon GO the players can able to hunt the ghost in their own neighborhoods. Ghostbuster world uses Google maps API to give IOS and Android players to capture the ghost in everyday life.

How It Works.

AR games, you walk around in the real world where assorted ghosts will spawn for you to fight and capture. The demo showed off many varieties of ghosts that seemed to appear randomly, of course, the demo probably had a higher spawn rate than the actual game but even in the demo, the variety of ghosts seemed extensive. After you tap the ghost the AR screen appears and you have to use the PKE meter to scan the area for the ghost. This is really just to use the ARCore and ARKit to scan the floor so the host interacts correctly with the ground and surrounding area but it fits so well into the game that it feels seamless.

Of course, you scan for the ghost using the PKE meter Egon does it all the time! Once you have found the ghost you can use your proton to pack to drain the ghost’s energy and then catch it in a trap that you can launch or have launch automatically. Once caught the ghost goes into your bank to be used later. The weapons will be available as upgrades in the full game but most of them require ammunition which you will need to purchase using the in-game currency. The traps are also not infinite though you do get them when you open the dimensional portals that are scattered around the world as a small amount of in-game currency.

Portals Of Ghostbuster

Dimentional portal is the poke stop in ghostbuster game. Players should  travel and collect the traps, gems, gold and ghost runes which helps to upgrade your ghosts.The whole game feels far more linear than Pokemon Go withmissions and specific goals including leveling up and getting ready for the bigbads in the game, the Raids.

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