Google has finally decided to rebrand its Google Hangouts Chat to simply Google Chat. Hangout was the older version launched earlier this decade and after various updations in the G Suite Services, this was expected to be happening from the company.

After Google rebranded its video conferencing app Google Hangouts Meet to Google Meet, there were reports that Google is also considering making changes to its chat service too. Not releasing an official statement yet, Google confirmed the news to theverge which was uploaded on the site.

It’s odd to see after how in 2013 when the launch of Google Hangouts service on G Suite was over the GChat service. Now the cycle came back to GChat after the Hangouts is getting out of the line. 


Google Hangouts is a communication service launched by Google, being a feature of Google+, became a different product in 2013. Hangouts Chat features are available only for a G Suite consumer. In that case, Google meets premium features that will be available for free until September 30, 2020. So If you are using an organization given google account, chances are you are already using the Google G Suite service and you don’t need to worry about it.


Google Chat provides the platform for teams to get their work done in one place. Both private and group conversations can be performed efficiently without any issues. The customized virtual rooms and features like threaded conversations make it easier to track and record the progress. Currently, Google Chat supports 28 languages and can include up to 8000 recipients in a single group thread.


As said above that ‘Hangouts Meet’ and ‘Hangouts Chat’ are currently free for people with G Suite Package. Another exclusivity you get by being a G Suite consumer is what the apps can do combined with your drive. 

You get a collaboration feature to Docs, Slides, Sheets or even join a meeting with the ‘Hangouts Meet’. One of the few examples is uploading files from your drive and share it straight away. Another option you get being a G suite consumer is the powerful search tool of Google to look up the desired messages and important files in those long conversations without even scrolling for long. 

There is also a bot feature of Google drive which lets you know when files are shared with you, people comment on your files or even when people are requesting access to your files. Another Meet bot can integrate with your Calender to schedule your meetings.



Google Hangout is not yet excluded for the users as the products still say ‘Hangouts Meet’ and ‘Hangouts Chat’. Although the Hangouts service will still be available for the users, “There will be no changes to the consumer (classic) version of Hangouts” a Google spokesperson said. We still have no clue as to when the final changes will be made to the applications and will be rolled out to the users as in the Play store listing, the apps still refer to “Hangouts Meet” and “Hangouts Chat”.

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