When the term browser hits our mind the most used browser in the world comes up Google Chrome. The chrome browser is available for almost all the Operating systems commonly used like Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS, android among all the browsers used Chrome is used by 64.92% of total users using browsers which is huge.

Recently Google Chrome is out with a new update in which a user can organize tabs in groups, many people use to work on multiple tabs, or while working on one they need multiple tabs which creates a mess in Tab bar. Even when multiple works are done at the same time a user cant divide the tabs into priority bases.

To rid of this problem Chrome is out with an update of tab groups, it is exactly as its name says a way to group tabs together.


Pros –

1. while you are working on various projects a user can group the tabs in multiple colors according to his choice which will make it look handier to use and attractive.

2. while saving the tabs for later a user can differentiate, as once the browser is closed next many tabs have to be refreshed to see its content but now when they were grouped user only need to refresh the tab which is needed, which definitely saves time 

3. One of the best parts of this update the developers who use Google Chrome to manage the backend of multiple websites now can group the tabs by name and color which will lead to effective working 

Cons –

  1. This can differ from person to person many people don’t like color full platform to work on mostly like dark theme.

Creating a tab group is as simple as right-clicking on the Google Chrome tab. You will see the option to “Add a tab to new group” and from there you can assign group name and color. The group name appears to the left of tabs and color is shown underneath the tabs outlines current tab though can also be dragged to other groups.

Users are adopting this feature rapidly as it makes working organized it is available on the latest Google chrome beta for desktop though will be available on Mac, Linux by next week. 

Conclusion – Organised and efficient working always leads to more productivity\

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