Google Debit Card

Even though the entire world is in lockdown, Google seems to be determined to upgrade or rebrand its existing less popular applications and tools to make them better as TechCrunch leaked an image of the upcoming Google own virtual card and an actual Google debit card. Now it’s time to take Google Pay to another level it seems.

Google is planning to launch a virtual and physical debit card by partnering with leading banks.

Google so far has just allowed users to use their debit cards of other banks to make payments through Google Pay, but with the virtual card, users can make an online payment using it.

The physical debit card is more or less the same as the Apple card. Most of the banks already might have a dedicated payment app but Google will make the transaction process even more seamless with the new Google debit card and virtual card along with its sleek user interface.

In India, Paytm has already brought this concept to existence but it requires users to open an actual bank account with Paytm. That is not the case with Google. It doesn’t want you to open any new account, instead, it provides a new debit for your existing account. It may have an option to open an account but as there is no definite information about this, everything is unclear.

While this concept sounds amazing, there are some expensive trade-offs such as privacy. Google is known for accessing the personal information of its users for displaying appropriate ads based on their lifestyle. This concept may help Google level up its ad game by knowing what the user is interested in paying for. This increases the vulnerability of users’ personal life information.
All the businesses and companies who purchase Google ads will be elated to see an increase in the target achievement as the targeted ads will perform even better than it has been so far. But in the leaked images of the app on which the debit card will be associated, we can see an option to decide what information we can share. So, it is up to the user to decide what information can Google take from him/her.

When we look into the advantages of it, one of the interesting facts about this debit card is that the user can complete the payment verification process with ease. The user can enable fingerprint or PIN authorization to make the payment process quicker. Apart from this, the user can also change the debit card number through the app if necessary.

Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming Google Debit card.

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