Looks like Google decided to take another step in it’s Google Duo platform. This change is observed after Google set the video calling limit to 12 people earlier in march. The new support also comes along with other tweaks Google has decided to make in the Google Duo Application. 

In the war of video calling applications, everyone is trying their best to stay at the top of the market by bringing new features and gestures for the users. Being Zoom, Facebook, Google, or Microsoft teams. Every company is launching new features every day for its users. This including Facebook introducing messenger rooms for 50 people, Google Meet made free for everyone and recently Microsoft leaks were to increase the participant limit to 250 per video call.

Google Duo 

Launched in August 2016, the app has gone through some major tweaks in the past couple of years. It has one of the most basic UI which allows seamless browsing throughout the app. One of the recent tweaks included good quality video calling using low bandwidth data to prevent less use of data amid the quarantine.

According to the reports of AndroidPolice, Google gave the confirmation of increasing the 32 person video call limit through a promotional e-mail. This was after everyone was informed that Google was working on increasing the member limit of the video calling app. 

Credits: AndroidPolice

At the moment Google Allows 12 persons in a single call increased from 8 in march 2020. Not only the user limit, but Google Duo will feature some other tweaks in the Application too. 

New AR Features

According to the e-mail, Google is working on improving the AR mode on the Google Duo app. The new AR is an upgrade over the existing one as it changes along with your facial expressions. The existing AR mode in the Google Duo lets you have normal AR features and looks like Google is working harder on those face recognition algorithms. 

Apart from this reports also mention a new family mode for Google Duo which will let you put masks and other effects on the video call. The family mode is only supported for one to one video calls.

The Official release is not yet confirmed by Google but since we have the promotional mail, we can expect the feature to roll out soon. Also, we had news about Google Duo coming to desktop browsers. This will be interesting and another comparison to Zoom can be expected soon. 

After so many trials and whatnot, people still use it as their prior application of remote conferencing. This can be proved by the fact that Zoom has the highest number of downloads in April even after so many warnings from everywhere about its security. It doesn’t look like the war between these brands is ending anytime soon. 

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