Google’s next generation Home with Display named Google Home Hub

Google just made a live event for 2018 in New York City. Google has announced Pixel 3, a new chrome book named Google Pixel Slate and Google Home Hub, a smart display with Google Assistant built-in. Google Home Hub is the next generation Google Home. This helps us to perform Smart home activities and launch personal voice assistant.

Two years ago Google made their first Google Home device and it got popular worldwide. Now Google has upgraded it’s Home and loaded with so many features and launched as Google Home Hub.

Google Home With Smart display

The all-new Google Home Hub has not only personal voice assistant and also able to show the content and information on the screen it has. This isn’t just a smart display but also performs certain activities. Let take a look at it…

Home view

Google Home Hub interface is known as the home view. Home view shows certain controls and functions of the Home Hub. It can be customizable using the app. It is simple, clean, clear.

What services does Google Home Hub provide?

With Google Home Hub, Google has decided to redesign Google’s most helpful services like Google Search, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Calendar, and Google Photos.

Google Home Hub for kitchen

This time Google has concentrated on developing Google home for the kitchen. Google Home app helps to search recipes, help you by step by step instructions and play videos on YouTube if needed. That’s the whole Google Home package for the kitchen.

Smart sliding feature

In Standby mode the Google Home Hub slideshows pictures of your Google photos. It is so smart to detect only the good shots.

No camera

Google said they very clear about not including a camera on the Hub so it can be used more comfortable in your room. The Google nest has a camera in it which now they removed anyway.

Ambient EQAmbient EQ is a new technology introduced by Google on the event. ambient EQ analyses the light conditions of your surroundings and adjust the brightness as well as the saturation level down from warm to the cool levels. You will not notice this feature instantly but this helps a lot to keep the picture always at the same state. Weather is a day or night not matters for Hub.

Morning and night with Hub you can say good morning to you Google Home Hub to boot up weather, map to work, to-do-list, news and many more. Similarly, say goodnight to your Google Home hub to switch to night mode, turn off the lights and you can comfortably sleep.

Smart home at one place with Google Home hub you can able control the entire Smart home appliances. Google says they are working with 1000+ Smart Home product manufacturers to make this possible. Just say the name to turn on and turn off appliances, control the temperature, watch your favourite TV shows and do so many fun things with just your voice command.

Customize for children up is for your entire family and you can customize it. Google allows to turn on/off restriction mode, Only allow non-explicit music, Allow Assistant Answers. So don’t worry about your child is using the hub.

Far-field micGoogle says that these mics can catch voice from a very long distance and recognizes it most accurately. These mics are located both at the top and at the bottom.

customized YouTube

Google Home Hub has YouTube but it’s not we seen before. It’s fully optimized for it. So that Google search made easy with voice. You can search for recipes to get instructions instantly. You can ask how to do these recipes and Google plays the video automatically. Google searches the best video and plays automatically. No need to select by yourself.

YouTube music

The all-new Google Home Hub comes that support for YouTube music. Your Google Assistant helps you to search song or music you want and play for you. You can also control via mobile app for Hub.

Price and pre-order

You can pre-order Google hub for $149 on October 22nd. Its first arriving to US UK and Australia. The hub is packed with 6 months of YouTube premium absolutely for free.

Variance and colours

Google Home hub comes in four different colours with premium materials as we have seen before on Google home and Google Home Mini. The colour variants are white, pink, green, and black.

Thus this Google Home Hub can be the best home assistant you could ever have.

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