google pay diwali offer

Good news for Google Pay users out there. Google Pay Diwali Offer of ₹251 Cashback is now extended till 11th November 2019. Keep reading to know how you can earn ₹251 for free.

What Is The Google Pay Diwali Offer?

Diwali Offer stamps

During the period of the Google Pay Diwali offer users have to collect five stamps i.e. Flower, Diya, Lantern, Jhumka and Rangoli. Once you have collected all the five stamps you will be eligible for the ₹251 cashback immediately.

How To Collect The Stamps?

Users can collect upto 15 stamps per day by three ways:

  • Pay or Send ₹35 or more and get upto 5 Diwali Stamps:

Users can earn upto 5 stamps per day either by sending ₹35 or more to different users or do any recharge or bill payment on Google Pay.

Tip: You can add money to Paytm and other wallets through G Pay UPI and get the stamps.

  • Use the Diwali Scanner and get upto 5 Diwali Stamps:

Users can scan for the items, Flower, Diya, Lantern, Jhumka and Rangoli through a special Diwali camera scanner in Google Pay app.

  • Gift stamps to others and get upto 5 Diwali Stamps:

Users can gift any of the stamps which they have collected to other Google Pay users and get a random surprise stamp in return.

What’s more?

There is also a bonus lucky draw ticket which could win you ₹1 lakh. This ticket will be available on 12th November 2019.

These were all the details about the Google Pay Diwali ₹251 Cashback Offer.

To Download Google Pay click here.

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