Google finally decided to launch the Google Pixel Buds 2020 for all the people waiting to get their hands on. They’re not the best and might have their flaws but some of the features are noticeable and comparatively better than others.

The product was revealed in October 2019 but the availability was set for 2020.


The Google Pixel Buds are speech bubble-shaped sturdy quality in-ear headphones. They rest in your ears easily and won’t come off. That goes for your home dance and change of clothes or when you’re outdoor or working out. 


The buds come in an oval box with a magnetic lid. And for all the tech nerds out there, the click of the lid is too satisfying. Another highlight of the earbuds is they are IPX4 water-resistant i.e. you can take them out while its mild raining or while working out. 

To say the overall design of the earbuds is solid and definitely a huge upgrade over the Pixel buds 2017. You arent getting bored anytime soon. 

Now all this also comes with a downfall. The ark design for the earbuds stay fixed inside is really painful after about 3 hours of constant usage and you are gonna be forced to take them out. Although this makes for the proper fixing in the ear still you cannot use them for longer durations 


Google wishes to deliver powerful sound quality without ignoring the surroundings. There’s a spatial vent underneath the which reduces the plugged ear feeling and lets a particular amount of noise reach your ears. 


Google has put in a lot of time and thoughts in building the design and everything to provide the best sound quality to the consumers. Another feature that comes with the Google Pixel Buds is the Adaptive Sound. What Google claims is it automatically adjusts the volume according to the environment you’re it. 



Google claims the new pixel buds not only has improved sound quality but also the capability of hearing your voice in any situation. For this to be possible, the Google Pixel Buds have a voice accelerometer that detects the movement of your jawbone so you can be heard in any condition being you’re out in wind or biking. This is possible from both sides as both buds include microphones. 


Google claims the Pixel Buds 2020 will stay connected if you are three rooms away on your Bluetooth 4.0 device. Also, Android devices running 6.0+ will benefit best including Fast Pair, Find my Device, and notification for battery percentage. 

There is no special way to connect the device. The method is fairly precise like we have seen in the AirPods. All you have to do is open the oval-shaped box and you will get a notification to connect the device to your android.

Pixel Buds 2020 comes with smart gestures like a single tap to play/pause, double-tap to reject calls, activate the assistant. Swiping helps in changing the sound volume while press and hold longer to activate the assistant. Also, the sensors detect when the Buds are inside your ear and the music stops as the earbuds fall out of our ears. 


The battery is another downfall of the device when compared to competitors out there. Google Pixel Buds charge through Type-C or wirelessly and google claims the device can give up to 5 hours of music and 2.5 hours of Talktime on a full charge.


Compared to the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ which provides roughly 11 hours of usage, we can say Pixel Buds 2020 lacks the battery performance that was expected. Other than that the charging case provides 24 hours of listening time on a single charge and a 10 minute of charge provides 2 hours of listening time along with 1 hour of Talktime. 

What’s new in Google Pixel Buds?

Probably one of the most highlighted aspects of the Pixel Buds 2020 is the new Voice Assistant. The integrated assistant can be used on the go as the new Pixel Buds have outside noise suppression. The assistant can assist you in multiple tasks like changing the sing or increasing the volume to making a call directly by listening through the Buds 2020.

You now have the option of live translation as google has integrated the support of translation multiple languages by just listening through the earphones. This can help you converse with people from different areas and different languages.


Currently, the Google Pixel Buds are only available on the online US Google site. Google says it will ship the retail units throughout the world soon for everyone. The price listed on the US Store is $179 and available in only white color as of today. There will be three more colors – Orange, Quite Mint, and Black.

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