google quantum supremacy

The multinational technology company Google has recently achieved a great milestone in Quantum computing technology. Let’s call it Google Quantum Supremacy.

CEO Sundar Pichai said, “It (Quantum computing) can perform a computation in seconds what would take the worlds fastest super computers thousands of years to do the same calculation.”

After decades of experiments Google AI team has finally reached the milestone of Quantum Supremacy. According to Google professionals working in the Quantum technology field the initial results of the experiment were very same to their predictions, but in the later stage the results were not matching with their predictions and the experiments failed. However with some changes to the calibration the experiments were finally successful.

What Exactly is Google Quantum Supremacy?

When the Quantum computer performs more complex tasks which cannot be performed by the traditional computers then it’s called as Quantum supremacy. It simply means that the new Quantum computers are more sophisticated than the classical computers and can perform computation tasks more efficiently and faster than the classical computers.

What is the difference between Normal computer and Quantum computer?

Google quantum supremacy processor
New 54-qubit Sycamore processor developed by Google for Quantum Computers

In technical terms a normal computer’s bit can store information as 0 or 1. On the other hand quantum computer’s bit can store information as 0 and 1 both at the same time, thus making it more efficient.

These were all the details about the Google Quantum Supremacy Milestone. Quantum computing is the future technology which will change the way of computing forever.

Official blog posted by Google about Quantum Computing technology,

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