The new Gmail

Google on Wednesday announced a new Gmail. Not Brand new, but Google took the Gmail to the next level. They added ton of new features and upgraded the design and made the all new Gmail 2.0.

Here we share top 10 new features in new Gmail

Some of which you can get today. To get other you’ll have to wait a few weeks or few month. There’s a list of features coming out over the coming weeks. Down below you’ll find a list of features that you may miss to notice on Gmail.

Hover actions 

When your mouse cursor hovers aroun an email, a set of options will display to the right side of the email’s subject and Actions include Mark as Read, Delete, Archive and Snooze. Some items like invites, you can now directly set an reminder on your Google Calendar or decline an invite using a hover action.

A new right side panel 

To the right of your email list, there will be an icon to open Google Calendar, Google Keep and the new Tasks feature. Instead of opening a new tab or web page for various tasks you can now do it all in and with your Gmail itself. You have to just drag-and-drop to the slide out tool. Managing email made easy and add emails to Tasks at just a click.

Snooze and Smart Reply

Yes finally Snooze features have come to Gmail. You can now snooze an email directly in your inbox. Choose the time for Snoozing your Email, then it just disappears and it will notify you on right time. After the time expires, the email shows back up as brand new and ready for you to take action. You can do multiple-snoozing also.

Smart Reply is something Gmail mobile users have used for a while. When you click Reply, Gmail will suggest three different responses that you can add to the body of the email with a single click. You can add to the reply or later customize them.

Plus mentions This is a neat feature. With Plus Mentions, you can add a person the CC field without leaving the body of your message. As you are typing and being to mention a name, enter the + sign and select the person’s name or email address from the list.

Hovercards and display density Additionally, there’s a customization hovercard for contacts, and a new display density to include more information in your inbox.

The new Loading page looks amazing


After a long time google has finally decided to change this loading image.

Available in the coming weeks

Offline support Instead of needing a Chrome extension or an additional tool to work through your email without an internet connection, Gmail will soon have native offline support. You’ll have the option to search, compose, reply, delete and archive up to the last 90 days’ worth of email without a connection.

Confidential mode

When a message is sent in confidential mode, you can set an expiration date or revoke a sent email. Furthermore, the recipient won’t be able to forward, download or copy the contents of the email. You even have the option to include a password, sent by SMS, that the recipient(s) will need to enter before they can open the message.


Forgetting to reply to an email, or thinking you replied to one when you actually didn’t is a common issue. Incoming and outgoing messages will remind you after a set amount of time has lapsed without you or the recipient acting on it.

Assistant to unsubscribe 

Newsletters you didn’t sign up for are incredibly annoying. The new Assistant Unsubscribe tool will learn which emails you interact with, and then proactively suggest which you should unsubscribe from.

High Priority Notifications

If you’re on mobile you’ll have the option to customize which emails prompt a push alert on a phone or tablet, cutting down on the number of interruptions throughout a workday. stay tuned to know more.

Here we tell you how you can enjoy this cool features

To select the option go to the top right corner, there you will find “Try the new Gmail” option sitting quietly.

Down below we show you what you get after entering into new Gmail. Firstly you get a welcome notice than a option to select your display view sporting options like default, comfortable and compact.

Here is how it looks like… The all new Gmail 2.0

Now in the all new Gmail you can pick your theme by selecting options on right top corner.

The all new G Suite Marketplace spotting on the right side meddle with plus (+) Down below we show you what are all you get. It’s like add-on features to your Gmail something you must try it.

So that’s for now. You must try the new Gmail and experience all these features and comment down below. Stay tuned for our latest and greatest tech news.

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