WhatsApp has finally started rolling out ‘Picture in Picture (PiP) mode’ for viewing videos shared from select platforms, for all Android beta users running Android 4.4 and above.

Earlier we have seen this feature in stock Android 8.0 Oreo where you can watch Netflix, prime, maps, and some of the browser videos in PIP mode. In WhatsApp, the feature shows up within the chat window when you receive a YouTube, Instagram or Facebook video.

When you tap the play button the video expands and takes up space on the top half of the app, You can expand the video to full screen or swipe it away to close it. You can also move it around and pause or resume the video, or open the video in the right app – depending on its source. The best part is you can comment about the video in the chat window as both the video and chat remain active.

2 Steps to activate PIP in WhatsApp

Step 1 ( skip if you are already a beta tester )

Firstly you need to sign up for beta testing. Here we give links below. It will take you to the page where you can signup for beta testing the WhatsApp. Click Here for WhatsApp beta

Step 2

After sign up for beta testing go to Play Store and update your WhatsApp. It might take sometime for you to get update, so wait untill. Now you can also enjoy cool beta features. Tell us if you get everything correct.



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