How to Update Apps on your Amazon FireTV Stick

If you have Amazon’s most famous FireTv Stick (FireStick), you have to update apps on fireTV stick every now and then. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it might seem. We’ll guide you through the entire process below. Here we show you how to Update Apps on your Amazon FireTV Stick.

If auto-updates is off l, the Firestick will warn you if an update is available when you go to launch the app. You then have the option of updating or not. This only applies to the apps in the Amazon store, not for sideloaded apps.

You have to update third party apps yourself unless the app includes an auto-update mechanism.

How to Update Apps on your Amazon FireTV Stick

1. From the fire TV or Fire TV Stick home screen, scroll down to the “App” section.

App section

2. Scroll to the right until you reach the app you want to update.

reach the app you want to update.

3. If an app update is available, an “Update” button will be present. select “Update” option.

"Update" option

4. If a popup appears, select “Update App Now”.

"Update App Now"

5. The app will download the new version and update once complete, the updated app will launch.

App will launch

Still not getting updates that want? Try updating your FireTV stick. Some apps might not get new updates if you’re in the old version of the FireTv OS.

How to update your Amazon Fire Stick

Since Amazon rolls out new software variance almost every month it is a good idea to proactively check for updates and manually install them. Doing this is very simple. Just follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to settings. 

You will find this option at the end of the menu bar at the top right corner of your Home screen.

Navigate to settings

2. Select My FireTV. 

You will find this option easily by scrolling down but if you have an older version of FireTV stick, it may be labelled as “Device” or “System” instead.

Select My FireTV

3. Choose About.

Choose About

4. Choose either “Check for Update” or “Install Update”

Note: if an update is available you will see “Install Update” you will also see that message which says the update will automatically begin the next time your Amazon fire TV is idle. It will also tell you that you need to reboot your system to update.

Check for Update" or "Install Update"

5. Hit Select on your remote.

It will turn off your TV. 

6. Wait for updates to be installed. 

You will see a message on your screen that says your device is installing the software. 

Warning: Do not unplug the power cable during the update. It’s like updating your Motherboard BIOS. Make sure you have a stable power supply.

7. Installing the update will take from 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Now go and check for updates for your favourite apps. Usually updating helps resolve problems and errors on your FireTV device. So you now know how to Update Apps on your Amazon FireTV Stick.

How to sideload applications on your Amazon FireTV stick

First of all, why should you sideload apps on your FireTv Stick? shortage of streaming boxes you can pick up one today to watch and listen to your favourite movies, TV shows and songs in the comfort of your own house. Our favourite platform, of course, is Amazon’s Fire TV stick. 

It is a $39 device that plugs into your TV and allows you to access Netflix, amazon prime and thousands of other streaming services. The fun doesn’t end there though. Since the fire stick runs a modified version of android, it’s easy to sideload applications from all over the web here’s how to do it. 

How to Update Apps on your Amazon FireTV Stick

Sideloading may sound difficult, but it’s actually pretty easy to do even on your firestick. If you’ve ever installed an application on an android device without using the play store you’ll feel right at home here. Sideloading allows you to bypass the usual apps store method of installation. Which means you can install an application without requiring Amazon’s approval first. 

To start sideloading you’ll need the APK file you want to download and install on your firestick. For our example, we’ll be using smart YouTube TV as our APK. 

Note: Youtube was removed from the fire stick at the end of 2017 but with smart YouTube TV you can use the app on your device. 

You can use this method with any APK you have on hand, we recommend shortening the link to make it easier to type. 

1. Go to your fire stick home screen and hold the home button on your remote and 

2. Select settings from the menu scroll and select my fire TV option on your menu 3. Select developer options and toggle apps from unknown sources and then confirm your choice on the pop-up message. 

3. Return back to your home screen then use Alexa on your remote to search for an app on the Amazon app store called “Downloader”. This app allows you to download files from the internet to your firestick. Once the app is installed on your fire TV, open the application and look for the URL bar. 

4. In the centre of the app, you will need the URL for the app you want to download. Here for our YouTube app, we will be entering its URL. After you finish typing the URL into the download field, press go. On your device, the installation file will download to your FireTV. 

5. Open the installation file then accept the app permissions using the navigation buttons on your remote. After the app has been installed, you can hit the menu button to open your new application on your firestick. 

There is no shortage of applications worth installing on your firestick. When you want a newer version of the sideloaded applications, then you have to manually search for it and then do the above step. 

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