Huawei blames Samsung for the delay of the Mate X

As if Huawei wasn’t having a bad week, they have announced that they are delaying the release of their foldable Mate X, not by month or two but by a whopping three months.

Huawei was initially expected to release the Mate X in June(this month).

The goal was to beat Samsung’s Galaxy Fold to the market to gather that initial media attention but clearly, it has fallen through. Now they’ll release the Mate X in September.

Now interestingly, Huawei is blaming Samsung for this. A spokesperson for Huawei told CNBC,

HUAWEI:-“We don’t want to launch a product

                 to destroy your reputation,”

as if it wasn’t already tarnished by the US government. This is a clear dig at Samsung, whose Galaxy Fold launch didn’t go according to plan.

For those of you living under the rock, Samsung delayed the launch of its foldable smartphone because some review units randomly started to fail.

Samsung is yet to announce a new release date, by the way. Now, Huawei is saying that they are taking a cautious approach because they don’t want to repeat the mistakes of Samsung.

While I do agree that Samsung messed it up with the Fold and It’s possible that the Fold’s issues had something to do with the delay of the Mate X, but I imagine Huawei had to rethink the launch of Mate X after the Trump ban as well. Because right now, I don’t think anyone with a sane mind would spend 2200 Euros or 2600 dollars on the Mate X considering their future is uncertain, so it doesn’t really make sense for them to release the handset and watch no one actually buys it.

Anyway, Huawei says the Mate X will run Android because it was launched before the ban and it received its Android rights from Google before the ban went into effect.

But the thing is it’ll receive no future updates which will be horrible for a 2600 dollar device.

So I think it’s probably a good thing they are taking some extra time and sort out things with the US government or launch it when they fully develop their own Operating System.

Because right now the last thing that they want is some bad publicity, even if one Mate X fails, it’ll be blown out of proportion courtesy of Samsung and Huawei can’t afford that right now.

Huawei is showing ads on the lock screen and

 users are shocked

As if Huawei wasn’t under so much public scrutiny, they have seemingly begun allowing advertisement on the lock screens of several of its phones.

It’s not limited to a certain region but a number of Huawei phone owners from multiple countries have noticed that their devices have suddenly begun displaying ads of on their lock screens.

I don’t know what Huawei is on these days, like I’ve said the last thing they want right now is negative publicity but it looks like Huawei wants to make money as it looks to generate new revenue in the wake of international uncertainty about its future in the smartphone market – at least in terms of using Android.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts on this down in the comments.

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