The mobile gaming industry has become a booming gaming industry after the release of world-famous multiplayer battle royale game PUBG Mobile. People have gone crazy about this game as it is so immersive and addictive. As a counter move, none other than our Indian Airforce have decided to release a new air combat game which, as of now is called as Indian Airforce Game. But on the official twitter page, Indian Air Force has announced it as “ Indian Airforce: A Cut Above” which is about to be launched on July 31st this year. Let’s go with IAF Game.

Time to ditch PUBG:

As I said earlier, mobile gaming has become more than a hobby these days, especially in India. According to a survey mentioned in an article by Fox Sports Asia, it is clear that among the overall 200 million PUBG players worldwide, most of the players are found to be Indians. The company themselves have acknowledged that the contribution of Indian players has significantly pulled them ahead in the competition.

In the meantime, there were so many attempts made by Indian social activist to ban this addictive game which harmed the life of youngsters. But expect a few, every attempt went into vain.

Introduction of this all-new Air Force Game will have a patriotic impact on young Indian minds which might lead them to ditch PUBG Mobile.
Alright, let’s see what this game has got to offer. Flight and Aircraft related stuff is always fascinating regardless of age. Especially if it is in the form of a mobile game, it will be even more fascinating. Now that Indian Airforce Game has been teased, it is clearly understood that it involves crazy ariel dog fights and air combats.

What’s this game about?

On July 19th, Indian Airforce has released the official teaser on YouTube, where so many amusing things can be explored about the game and the functions of Indian Air Force as well.

First of all the whole video is designed in a way to boost enthusiasm and patriotism in ourselves. One of the attention-seeking parts of the video is a clip where we can find the depiction of Indian Airforce Wingman Abhinandhan Vardhaman standing next to Russia made Mig-21 Bison aircraft. To those who don’t know about him, he was held captive in Pakistan as an effect of ariel dog fight happened after the Pulwama attack earlier this year.

Apart from that, the video contains so many in-game footages which, concept-wise looks demanding and compelling to play, but the graphic seems a little bit choppy. It can be get rid of in future updates. However, we can’t be sure about that part as we are yet to have a hands-on experience.
The most interesting part about this game is, real-life combat aircrafts such Mig-21 Bison, Mirage 2000 and helicopters like Mil Mi-17 V5 has been graphic conceptualized which looks awesome.

As far as the gameplay and storyline, we might expect scripted scenario which goes destroyed terror camps and retaliating enemy attacks and destroying their base camps. We can even notice a part in the video where one of IAF fighter jets is attacking an enemy aircraft which resembles Stealth Bomber B-2 Spirit Of American Airforce. That was seriously stunning.

There are so many strategic interpretations about scenarios which IAF faces primarily like Mid-air refuelling, rescue through helicopters and more. All these features in this game make our Indian young gamers to understand the seriousness and day-to-day complexities which IAF faces. Some people might end up joining Indian Airforce as an effect by this game.

Stay tuned for updates on this.

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