On Tuesday, May 12, 2020, Instagram rolled out an Anti-bullying focused safety update featuring many anti-online bullying updates which will help its users combat online bullying which they face in their day-to-day life. Loads of self-harm and mental health deteriorating posts, bullying comments, and tags are made every day on Instagram which makes the application hard to use for many users. This will help the users to get a seamless bullying-free experience with less unwanted interactions. Facebook has been committed to making all its platforms bullying free by introducing certain anti-bullying measures on Facebook and Instagram. Bullying prevention has been the primary focus of Instagram for quite some time now and it has been pushing updates to upgrade its prevention tactics against it.

Facebook, in its recent May Community Standards Enforcement Report, informed us that it increased the amount of content they took action upon by 40% and increased proactive detection rate by more than 12 points. It also states that Instagram took action on a whooping 1.5 Million pieces of content in Quarter 4 of 2019 and Quarter 1 of 2020 combined. This shows us how committed the company is to make its platforms safe to use. In addition to this, it announced that it has made improvements to its text and image matching technology to help them find more self-harm content. 

Let’s talk about this Update in details: 

  1. Ability to delete comments in bulk: 

Instagram has introduced the feature to delete the comments in bulk. This will help users to manage multiple unwanted interactions by allowing them to delete up to 25 comments at once. Furthermore, the user can also restrict and block the accounts who regularly comment negatively. This greatly helps users having a large following as it simplifies the task of keeping their content and engagement clean while maintaining a positive environment.


To use this on an iOS device, tap on a comment tap on three dots at the upper right corner → select manage comments → select and delete up to 25 comments at once, → select more options to restrict or block accounts. 

To use this on an Android device, Tap on a comment → Select the exclamation box → Restrict/Block/Delete up to 25 Accounts. 

2. Ability to control who can tag and mention you.

This is another great feature that adds to Instagram’s relentless pursuit of a safe environment on its App. This enables its users to control who can mention and tag them on their stories and posts. This helps them get rid of unwanted mentions and tags which multiple users usually with high numbers of followers incur daily.


To activate this, users need to go to Settings → Privacy → Tags/Mentions → Allow Mentions/ Tags from – here you can choose between everyone/people who follow/no one.

There is also an option to manually approve tags in which you can individually review which posts you want to be tagged in. For that go to Settings → Privacy → Tags → Manually Approve Tags. 

3. (Upcoming feature) Ability to pin multiple comments. 

Instagram disclosed to be working on enabling the feature to pin multiple comments on the top of users’ posts to promote a positive/fixed environment which the user wants to create. This is quite similar to YouTube where creators can pin their favorite comments. We’ll surely be waiting for this one to roll out.


These features are available for every kind of user irrespective of the Creator’s mode enabled or not. We can also expect many more features from Instagram in its fight to make it a positive place. 

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