Apple has just announced the all new iPad Pro. These iPad has all-new design, slimmer bezels, powered Face ID for authentication as we seen on iPhone Xs series and USB Type-C.

The new iPad Pro is available in two variants 11-inch and 12.9-inch display model and storage upto 1TB.

The all new iPad Pro features the new liquid Retina display and support for the new Apple Pencil.

This display is more powerful and never be compared to any smartphones / tablets display. This display has 120 Hz refreshing rate. Higher the refreshing rate sharper the image be.

The new 11-inch models has the narrow borders and 12.9-inch models make the iPads look great with its bezel-less display.
The new iPad Pro now officially moved from Lightning port to USB Type-C Port, Apple serious took this decision.

The unique magnetic connector on the right edge to attach and recharge the upgraded Apple Pencil.

The iPad pro also supports apple pencil and also supports the 2nd Generation of it.

Talking about the new Apple pencil, it now has the support for tap gestures to accomplish tasks such as adjusting the stroke width while drawing, opening a toolbar, etc.

Apple is still going through the iOS features of the new iPad Pro. Price is a mystery so far, but we will bring you that as soon as we learn about it

The all new Apple pencil supports wireless charging and it can be charged using the actual iPad itself. Think how cool is it.

Apple Brings Face ID to the New iPad Pro and it’s better.

Apple’s traditional Touch ID on iPads was introduced back in 2014, and today the company completely moved the fingerprint sensor and replaced with FaceID on the it’s new iPad Pro lineup.

After the iPhone X and Xs, Xs Max XR, the only Apple devices to feature Face ID is 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro.
The new iPad Pro comes with the True Depth camera system to facilitate the facial recognition feature.

How face ID on iPad is better.

The implementation of Face ID on the iPad Pro is lot better than it’s now iPhones, because the authentication feature works in both landscape and portrait orientation on the iPad Pro. Which iPhones can’t able performan right now.
Apart from unlocking the iPad Pro, Face ID will also enable Apple Pay for secure payments, authorize for app download and also brings Animoji and Memoji to the Apple tablet, So that you can play with it.

The new A12x Bionic Chip makes iPad Pro really Powerful

The new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro are powered by Apple’s latest A12X Bionic chip-set. Apple claims is the most powerful processor powering a tablet.

The new SoC is build on the 7nm process, the A12X Bionic is an octa-core chip which packs four performance cores and four power efficiency cores.

Apple claims that the new chip offers 35% faster single core performance and a huge 90% boost in multi-core performance. Which is really amazing improvement over past years.

The A12X features a new performance controller which enables simultaneous utilization of all the eight cores during intensive, multi-threaded tasks such as image editing and creation of 3D models.

These chips has the 7 core Apple-designed GPU which offers a 100% improvement in graphics performance over the previous generation one and it is claimed to deliver console quality graphics

The Thinnest Ever Tablet

The new iPad Pro models comes with some serious high-end features, all thanks to the faster A12x Bionic processor, which brings faster FacelD, graphics and a lot more. But apart from improved internals, the new iPad Pro is also the thinnest built tablet from Apple.

Both the 11-inch and the 12.9 inch iPad Pro are just 5.9mm thin, while the previous generation having (10.5-inch iPad Pro) 6.1mm in thickness.
Those how love the speakers from previous generation iPad pro, you should be disappointed.

There are almost 102 magnets that makes easy to snap into cases very easy and strong.

Now Apple has reduced 25 percent in volume compared to the previous generation. Apple have to reduce it, to fitting a larger display without increasing the overall size of the iPad Pro.

This new iPad wins all area. With all these features, this is the only powerful tablet that present in the world yet. The price of this best ever tablet starts from $799 and and all the way upto $1,899. But i’m not gonna say anything about the price as it is the only table that can all this thing, so deiced for yourself. Stay tuned for our next review. Don’t forget subscribe, it’s totally free!!   



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